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If you have ever heard about programming languages, the C# language is definitely one of those that have been mentioned among them. But what are the main peculiarities of this language? And what tasks a C# developer may have?

C# is a general-purpose, object- and component-oriented language developed by Microsoft. Initially, it was created specifically for the needs of the .NET Framework.

What makes C# special?

This functional language that has automatic memory management can be used for absolutely different purposes.

It can be used to build traditional web and desktop apps (enterprise and client ones) but it is also widely utilized in mobile app development (as it is the language of the Xamarin framework).

Though C# is an absolutely separate language, its syntax has really a lot in common with the syntax of C++ but they are not just the same.

There is a wide range of IDEs for creating software with C#. For example, C# developers often use:

  • Microsoft Visual Studio
  • Visual Studio Code
  • JetBrains Rider
  • MonoDevelop
  • Eclipse
  • Code::Blocks

Advantages of C#

C# can boast rather high popularity among developers these days. But what are the reasons?

  • C# can access code written in any language that is .NET-compliant. The inheritance of classes written in these languages is also available. However, in many other languages (like Java) it is not possible.
  • C# has a built-in code editor and debugging feature.
  • C# provides security. The code is stored on a public-facing server in binary form. Unlike the situation with other languages (like PHP), once your server is hacked, the access to the code won’t be received immediately by hackers.
  • The syntax of C# has much in common with such OOP languages as Java, C, C++. It means that the knowledge of C# can be widely applicable by developers in their work.

Disadvantages of C#

But are there any points that prevent C# from being a perfect language? Sure, there are some.

  • C# is not a flexible language as it is fully based on the .NET framework.
  • Any changes introduced to the code written in C# require compilation.
  • C# may run slowlier than other languages.

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What does a C# developer do?

Taking into account the multi-functionality of the C# language, we should mention that the range of projects that a developer may work at is really wide.

For example, while some are working in the sphere of mobile app development, some others may be specialized in web development.

The key tasks of any C# developer may include:

  • Design, implementation and testing of new app features;
  • Support of end-users;
  • Bug-fixing, etc.

That’s why such a developer should not only be good at C# but also have a strong understanding of Object-Oriented Programming, SOLID and MVC principles, have experience in working with Databases and SQL. And of course, it is even not a full list of requirements.

Nowadays, there are a lot of developers who have decided to choose C# as their specialization. The language is highly demanded as well as such specialists are. Despite the fact that there are many of them, it is a real luck to find good specialists. And we are lucky. At Softacom, we have managed to gather amazing professionals. Our C# developers would be always happy to provide their expertise to build solutions for your business.

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