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Cloud in IT is a purely metaphorical term that refers to servers accessible via the internet as well as to the software running on such services. The popularity of cloud platforms and solutions is already rather high and it is still increasing. Such an approach to storing and executing apps has a lot of benefits if we compare them with traditional physical servers. But let’s dive deeper into the issue to find out more details of what cloud solution can offer us today.

There are two most popular cloud platforms these days. They are AWS developed by Amazon and Azure built by Microsoft. Both of them have an impressive list of advantages and peculiarities that may be beneficial for different needs. That’s why if you take a decision to order the development of a cloud app but do not know which platform to choose for it, we will help you to make the right choice based on your requirements.

SaaS and PaaS

You should also know that there are different models of cloud service. The most highly demanded of them are Software as a Service (SaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS).

SaaS is a widely used cloud option for businesses. It utilizes the opportunities of the internet to deliver apps to users while the software can be managed by a 3rd party. Practically all SaaS apps can be executed via a web browser without a necessity to download and install them on the user side. The updates of such apps should be conducted on a vendor side only which also significantly facilitates all the processes for users.

It also makes possible to access apps from different devices simultaneously.

PaaS is another model of cloud services. It offers a framework for developers. They can use this framework to create apps with special software components. The storage and servers are managed by a 3rd party provider while developers can manage their apps.

Thanks to PaaS, companies get a cost-efficient way of developing and deploying apps that can be easily scalable. As a result, developers have an opportunity to easily customize their apps without dealing with all the issues related to software maintenance.

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Cloud solutions: why are they important for businesses?

As you see cloud solutions have a lot of benefits for businesses:

  • They ensure easy access to software from different devices.
  • They help to avoid the necessity to spend money on physical storage.
  • They allow not having an an-inhouse team of IT specialists.
  • They let have amazing scalability of apps.

Cloud & SaaS software development services at Softacom

How do we build such solutions? To deliver high-quality cloud and SaaS software we use the ASP.NET framework which ensures flexibility and efficiency of our fast and modern solutions.

If you are interested in ordering Cloud & SaaS software for your business, just contact us and we will discuss what we can do for you. But what can you do if you already have software on your local server and now want to send it to the cloud? You should do just the same. Contact us and we will offer you our migration services.

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