Migration to another deployment platform

When it comes to software development, it is very important to think about a deployment platform. However, any software owner should be aware of the fact that in the future the situation may change and there will be a necessity to choose another platform. But the development of new apps will be not the only solution in such a case as today you have an opportunity to opt for migration to another deployment platform.

What does migration to a new deployment platform presuppose?

As you may already know, thanks to the migration, platform of your software deployment can be changed.

Today a very popular option is migration to a cloud. For example, you may have initially chosen an internal server or a shared hosting solution for the deployment of your apps. But time flows. And some years later you may have found out that the chosen platform does not meet your needs and demands. In such a case you can easily migrate your software to another deployment platform.

When we say “easily” we don’t mean that for this process it will be enough just to press one button. We mean that you can easily find experts who will manage to do it efficiently. For example, at Softacom, we offer such a service as migration to another deployment platform.

However, you should also bear in mind that in many cases this process will include some modernization and updates of your software architecture and logic. These changes will help to ensure full functioning of your software in the cloud environment.

What types of migration can we offer?

  • From shared hosting to a cloud. In many cases, a cloud is a more preferable option from the financial point of view. Especially, cloud solutions are highly recommended for medium- and large-sized businesses. The migration process consists of a number of steps and requires special skills and knowledge. Moreover, some steps will depend on both the type of shared hosting used and the chosen cloud platform for migration.
  • From on-premises to a cloud. In such a case there can be two options. You can choose either an online or offline approach for migration. Offline migration includes copying all data to a portable device, delivering it to the cloud provider and further uploading of the data to the cloud. This method is not the cheapest one and may require a lot of time. Online migrations cost less as they do not include so many steps.
  • From an internal client-server solution to a cloud. It’s obvious that storing your software on in-house servers has a lot of benefits like full control of your data and a lack of dependence from the internet connection. However, such factors as a necessity to invest in hardware and to fully maintain the server may result in a desire to opt for a cloud instead of internal server solutions. There is a number of migration tools the choice of which will depend on the type of software you need to migrate.

Reasons to migrate to a new platform

The reasons for deployment migration are usually hidden in software owners’ dissatisfaction with the currently used platform and the opportunities that it offers. To these factors we can refer:

  • high costs;
  • lack of possibilities for scalability;
  • difficulties with tech support provision;
  • discrepancy between business needs and current opportunities.

Benefits of migration to another deployment platform

To make a decision about migration, you need to be sure that a new deployment platform will offer you more benefits and opportunities than the one you are using now. These benefits could (and should) include:

  • better scalability;
  • more affordable prices;
  • a higher level of security and reliability;
  • better performance.

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Risks of migration to another deployment platform

Yes, there are some risks and disadvantages associated with migration. That’s why we want you to consider them in advance.

  • There is a risk to lose some files and data.
  • There is a risk to choose inappropriate migration deployment tools and migration platform (but with a reliable company that will provide you these services, you can avoid such a risk).
  • Migration can be a rather time-consuming process.
  • There can be a necessity to modernize some apps before or after the migration.

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