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.NET development services boast rather high popularity these days. But what do they presuppose and what should a .NET developer do?

.NET is a widely used Microsoft framework the first version of it was officially released in 2002.

Today .NET Framework offers a wide range of possibilities for software development and provides a great choice of tools and technologies to use.

Speaking about this framework, it is necessary to mention, that .NET has a lot of sub-frameworks such as WCF, WPF, Windows Forms, ADO.NET, ASP.NET, etc. They all have their peculiarities and performance techniques and, as a rule, one developer does not work with all of them.

.NET Developer: what profession is it?

As it is clear from the name of this job, .NET developer is a developer who uses the tools and technologies of the .NET platform in his or her work.

Using the dotnet framework, it is possible to create different kinds of applications for numerous operating systems, including:

  • desktop software;
  • web software;
  • and mobile apps.

In general, such professionals are responsible for the development, implementation and further support of software. Moreover, a dotnet software engineer quite often participates in the analysis of problems within the system as well as in the developments of the requirements for this system.

As a rule, a .NET developer works on a specific project. and the range of his responsibilities is not limited to coding only. This specialist may fully support the developed product as well as continuously work on all the potentially required updates. Taking into consideration these facts. it’s important to understand that such a developer may need to fulfill the tasks starting from just bug fixing on the already existing software to building a product from scratch.

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What is required to become a .Net developer?

As you may have already noticed from the description of such a job, to become a dotnet developer a person should have an impressive base of knowledge. Below you will find a list of the most important aspects that such a specialist should be familiar with:

  • Knowledge of the C# programming language (sometimes knowledge of such languages of VB.NET or F# may be required);
  • Understanding of the object-oriented programming;
  • Understanding of the principles of working with databases;
  • Practical experience of working with MS SQL Server;
  • Skills of usage of Transact-SQL;
  • Understanding of Entity Framework;
  • Basic knowledge of .NET Framework and experience of working with it;
  • Knowledge of the WCF technology;
  • Basic knowledge of ASP.NET MVC;
  • Skills of using the results of teamwork, skills of reading and understanding the code that was written by other programmers;
  • Knowledge of the basic principles of such methodologies of team development as SCRUM and Agile;
  • Knowledge of English for reading technical documentation.

Yes, the job of a .NET developer presupposes wide and deep knowledge of many tools and technologies. However, at Softacom, we are proud to have excellent developers with rich expertise who are able to offer really efficient solutions for any business needs. That’s why you can turn to us even with the most challenging tasks without any fears.

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