Dedicated Team

If you are looking for the most appropriate model to build your cooperation with external software specialists, you definitely need to consider such an option as a dedicated team.

We do not want to exaggerate and say that it could be a perfect variant for everyone. However, in some situations, it can be the most feasible solution. Let’s dive deeper into this issue in order to understand whether you need to hire a dedicated team for your project.

When is it necessary to hire a dedicated team?

Dedicated team is an amazing outsourcing model for long-term dynamic projects with changing requirements, but with a clearly defined end goal.

This model perfectly suits for those customers who want to stay in close contact with their external specialists and are interested in real dedication of these professionals to the project.

The team is fully composed according to the demands of the customer (not only software specialists but also other professionals can become team members). The customer may fully manage the team or may hire a project manager from the side of the services provider to coordinate all the processes.

Let’s briefly summarize everything that is mentioned above. Such a model as a dedicated team is recommended in the following cases:

  • When you are looking for a team for a long-term cooperation.
  • The requirements of your project are often changed.
  • You suppose that you may need to scale the team during the working process.
  • You do not have a possibility or time to hire your own in-house development team.

Dedicated team vs. Outsourcing and Outstaffing

Though such model as a dedicated software team has much in common with outsourcing and outstaffing, there are some obvious differences.

As a rule, outsourcing does not presuppose direct communication with developers. You communicate with them via a project manager. You do not need to manage an outsourced team (so, you can save your time and resources) but you do not have the possibility to stay involved in the development process. Moreover, it will be extremely difficult to introduce any changes when the work has been already initiated.

As for outstanding, it is quite often not about teams (though it’s also possible), usually, it’s about hiring specialists who will perform some works for you. They may not stay with you for the whole project and they may work on more than one project as well.

What are the benefits of a dedicated development team?

  • Full engagement of the team;
  • A possibility to change the composition of the team and to scale it quickly and easily;
  • A possibility to add various specialists to your team, including not only developers but also QA engineers, project managers, technical writers, business analytics, etc., without any difficulties related to the traditional hiring process.
  • A possibility to fix the working hours of your dedicated team in accordance with your time zone;
  • A possibility to choose the members of the team on your own (yes, as a customer you have a possibility to conduct interviews and take part in choosing the most appropriate specialists to work on your project);
  • Full control over all the processes;
  • Detailed reports and close connection with your dedicated team;
  • Predictable and easily calculated costs (no unpleasant surprises for your budget);
  • Long-term value of your project thanks to accumulated expertise and knowledge.

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Disadvantages of a dedicated team

As we always try to stay with you as open and honest as possible, we need to admit that such a business model as a dedicated team has its disadvantages.

  • Cooperation with a dedicated software team may be inefficient for short-term projects;
  • If you want to manage such a team on your own, you need to understand that it will take time;
  • Moreover, the choice of the right specialists to join the team may be a rather time-consuming process (but it’s really worth it).

What types of dedicated software teams can we offer you?

  • Delphi/C++ Builder developers;
  • Visual Studio and .NET/ASP.NET;
  • JavaScript and JavaScript frameworks;
  • Hybrid.

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