Delphi component-based software development for bu

July 31, 2019, Wednesday 2 PM EST (USA) / 8 PM CEST (Europe)
Delphi component-based software development for building enterprise-grade mobile, desktop and web apps Free!
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This is a 60-minute real-time webinar (45-minute presentation with questions and answers).

Participants will be able to ask questions during the webinar.

After the webinar, the registration holders will have access to a record and a questionnaire with the help of which you will be able to evaluate the technology that best suits your needs.


What will you learn

CEO / Owner / CTO /
IT - Director / Product Manager:

How does component-based software development approach differs from “traditional” approach.

What are the pros and cons of component-based architecture design.

What to start from when designing component-based applications (desktop, web, mobile) with Delphi.

How to select the right set of components from among others that are more or less suitable.

How do we integrate, maintain and replace components in Delphi.

and technical specialists:

TMS software products - a universe of components for development Delphi applications

VCL products for Windows desktop development

Delphi components for creating web and mobile applications


Webinar Highlights

Discussing the trends and future of software development
Component-based architecture design
TMS software component products
Desktop, web and mobile software development
Questions and answers section


Serge Pilko
Embarcadero MVP
Delphi Evangelist
Founder of Softacom
15+ years of IT experience
Bruno Fierens
Embarcadero MVP
CEO of TMS Software
25+ years of IT experience

Webinar Subscription

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