Delphi Migration

We can classify Delphi migration services according to their type. Each of these types is like a different universe with its own technologies, knowledge, skills and experts required. Even the answer to the question “What to do with my legacy Delphi software?” cannot be found without a deep analysis, predicting and thinking of what you want to have in 1, 5 or 10 years from now.

At Softacom, we provide the following Delphi migration services:

Migration of legacy Delphi software to up-to-date Delphi versions

Your software could be written using Delphi 5 or Delphi 7 and may still work correctly. But we have to think about future risks, especially if you provide your software to the clients. We are talking about the risks explained by the following facts:

  • Each new Windows version can break some existing functionality, especially in the UI part;
  • Some interfaces or APIs can be obsolete;
  • You don’t have access to the latest operating system features or their implementation costs too much;
  • 3rd-party components vendors stopped providing support of your Delphi version;
  • Or even some vendors don’t exist anymore, but you still need updates for such components.

This list is not full, we think you can add your own risks and pains. At Softacom, we are specializing in such a type of migration that presupposes migration of your software from a legacy Delphi version like Delphi 5, 7, and other versions to an up-to-date one. We have our own development process (framework) which we have been polishing during the years and we can migrate your software in the most feasible way, if we make a decision to migrate it at all. We offer migrations not in all cases. After an initial business analysis we can offer development from scratch, migration to another architecture, re-engineering, etc.

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Re-engineering and enhancement of legacy Delphi software

We added this section to migration services because for legacy Delphi software this type of work, as a rule, may be applied together with migration. Legacy software could be developed using obsolete frameworks, libraries, architecture and during its migration we can perform re-engineering and enhancement of your software functionality.

Migration of Delphi software to another platforms and vice versa

We are not blind and if we see that legacy software has a really obsolete legacy architecture we can offer to divide a system, e.g. for a multi-tier system and migrate some parts to another technologies and platforms.

It can be applied to to server-side solutions, web and cloud solutions. For instance, you have legacy Delphi software with a Windows client and direct access to on-premises DB, but now you want to have a mobile app client for your employees. In this case, we can change the architecture, extract its business logic and implement it as a cloud-based REST API service developed in Delphi, PHP or ASP.NET (it depends on the requirements for the deployment platform, of course), then we leave a Delphi UI client and develop a new mobile app client using Firemonkey or a native mobile apps tool like XCode or Android Studio.

This is just an easy example. In real life, we have to solve a lot of more complicated issues and make a lot of decisions. When we offer some solutions, we try to predict and to manage the risks which may appear in 1, 3, 5 years from now.

Migration of Delphi software to another deployment platform

Delphi migration as part of migration to another deployment platform can include:

  • Migration from on-premises DB to cloud-based DB. For instance, migration from an on-premises Ms SQL Server DB to Ms Azure DB or AWS Ms SQL Server DB;
  • Migration of your ISAPI project from IIS to Apache extension;
  • Migration from shared hosting deployment to Ms Azure web app or AWS web app;
  • Migration from Ms Azure to AWS and vice versa;
  • Etc.

This list is a much longer, as it describes what services that include Delphi software migration to another deployment platform we can offer at Softacom.

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