Delphi Pascal

If you want to know what Delphi Pascal is and why it is actively used at Softacom, you will definitely find the text on this page quite useful for you.

What is Delphi Pascal?

Delphi Pascal represents itself the Borland variant of the well-known programming language Pascal with some object-oriented facilities such as methods and classes added. Being an object-oriented programming extension to Pascal, it is also referred to as Object Pascal.

It’s worth mentioning that the original name of the language was Object Pascal but starting from Delphi 7 in the official documentation of the Borland company the name Delphi has been used. However, Delphi is a trademark, so, the name of Object Pascal is still being widely used to avoid trademark-related issues.

In other words, we can also say that Delphi Pascal is a dialect of Pascal adapted for Delphi.

Embarcadero Delphi

In 2008, the Embarcadero company bought Delphi and since that time it has been working on the development of Delphi Pascal (which is said to be a modern version of Object Pascal and in Embarcadero’s documentation this language is referred to simply as Delphi). Today it has native compilers for macOS, Windows, Linux, Android and iOS.

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Delphi Pascal: Benefits and issues

As Delphi Pascal is an object-oriented language the majority of its advantages and disadvantages are related namely to its nature. However, it’s worth mentioning that over the last years Embarcadero has made a lot of work in order to overcome some of the issues.

Advantages of Delphi Pascal:

  • It has simple and well-structured syntax.
  • The programs written in Delphi Pascal are easy to understand.
  • It offers easier and faster software development in comparison with other languages (for example C#).
  • The parallel development of classes is possible (it is one of the factors explaining why the entire development process may take less than in case when other programming languages are used).
  • It ensures quick compilation.
  • It provides easy code management and maintenance.
  • The code written in Delphi Pascal is reusable.
  • It allows creating amazing UIs for desktop and mobile apps.
  • Though we can name more pluses of Delphi Pascal than its minuses, there are some disadvantages as well.

    Disadvantages of Delphi Pascal:

    • If we compare it with some other languages like C/C++, we can see that there are fewer libraries for it (though in recent times the situation has been changing for the better).
    • The programs written in Delphi Pascal, which is an object-oriented language, are usually larger than in cases when a procedural programming language is used.
    • A large size of programs leads to slower execution.

    As Softacom, we deeply believe in Delphi and are absolutely sure that using it, it is possible to build really impressive and reliable software. Rich expertise in working with Delphi Pascal allows our developers to deliver advanced applications of different types.

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