Delphi Software

Delphi was introduced many-many years ago. It was in 1995. And it was a really revolutionary technology for software development, especially for desktop software with a user interface (UI). – Do you remember Windows 93? – If you were not too young you have to remember this first Windows version with UI.

It was a really rapid development tool for software development with UI, if we compare it with its competitors (Visual Studio 6.0). You could just create a new project, drop components to the form – and your UI was ready!

It was many years ago and nowadays Delphi and Delphi software have a lot of competitors with the same rapid application development (RAD) principles. Nowadays Visual Studio, Android Studio, XCode also support the same RAD principles like components development, designing of your UI in design time using built-in editors, etc. Delphi software has shared its popularity with all these competitors. But we still have a lot of Delphi software and Delphi applications.

Delphi software term can be divided into:

  • Delphi software – software and applications, which were built using RAD Studio, Delphi or C++ Builder;
  • Delphi software – Delphi IDE, which is a development tool for creating software and applications.

On our website you can find a lot of information explaining the reasons of why at Softacom we use Delphi, RAD Studio and C++ Builder for software development, including desktop applications, web and cloud-based applications, cross-platform mobile applications. Delphi software, as well as its competitors, has its own pros and cons.

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At Softacom, we perform business analysis and offer appropriate tools for each business task. Of course, we develop our software not only using Delphi. Nowadays the development world is amazingly huge and we have to select appropriate tools based on companies and businesses needs.

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