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If you are here – you know, that DNN CMS (DNN and DotNetNuke are synonyms, but DNN is more modern version) is one of the most famous and good CMS (Content Management System) for Microsoft platform (.NET/C#/ASP.NET). It has free (can be used for achieving almost for all objectives) and commercial version (with different additional functionality).

Why DNN?

  • If you are living in the Microsoft’s world (Windows Servers, Azure infrastructure, IIS, .NET Framework, etc.) – DNN is the best choice (and if to be honest – there are no many other options, unlike PHP);
  • DNN is perfect for small and middle business;
  • For company web sites, content portals and projects you can use DNN from the box without any custom development – just deploy and customize the UI, design the structure of the site;
  • But with DNN Custom Modules development you can build any site or web application you want – SaaS, Workflow, Corporate Portal, implement any internal functionality, for example for accounting, marketing, sales, etc.

When to select DNN, instead of developing from the scratch?

  • DNN customization level less than 50%;
  • You are planning to create and create new content pages and put to them static content;
  • You don’t want to spend time and resources for development regular functionality – you don’t need to invent bicycle;
  • If all your custom functionality won’t break DNN core – users, roles, permissions, membership, content engine;

DNN software limitations (our opinion)

  • Not ideal localization engine for multi-cultural projects;
  • Sometimes too hard to keep backward compatibility and go to new versions (but we can say the same thing for other CMS also);

What can we propose for you?

  • Maintenance web projects, based on DNN CMS;
  • Developing new web projects and web applications with DNN CMS;
  • Developing Custom Modules for DNN CMS;

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