Embarcadero is a software development company which owns and works on the development of RAD Studio, Delphi, C++ Builder and other software products. We do not want just to copy and paste all the text available on  Wikipedia (of course, you can find this information very easily) or the text published on Embarcadero’s web site. As we’ve mentioned, you can find everything from the official resources on your own. 
Embarcadero company has a program called Embarcadero MVP. MVP means the most valuable person. Embarcadero assigns this rank to the most valuable persons, teams or companies from the Delphi and RAD Studio world. These MVPs can be Delphi developers, Delphi influencers, Delphi evangelists, RAD Studio component development vendors, software development companies. The above-mentioned  entities should make a significant contribution  in popularizing Delphi or add value to the technological area.

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