Our key solutions are Cloud, Web, Desktop & Mobile

Key factors you must always consider while choosing a software company or a solution provider

  • Whether the contractor company has an expertise in your industry/business domain;
  • Strong technology expertise, such as Delphi or .NET when it comes to custom software development or Amazon or Microsoft Azure when the task is to migrate an on-premise application or the entire corporate software system to the cloud;
  • Or whether the candidate has a set of solutions it uses for solving specific business tasks, such as migrating legacy Delphi 7 code to AWS or migrating an IBM mainframe to the cloud. These tasks all require a similar set of competence and skills, regardless of the industry.

Each software company (especially when it comes to a midsized company) has its own set of projects, expertise, technologies, and tools that it is fluent in. And we are no exception.

Our technologies

Softacom is an expert in Delphi and .NET technologies.

Both of these technologies allow businesses to get high-quality custom enterprise-grade software such as:

Mobile apps

Websites with high loaded back-end

Desktop software

Aside from custom software development, we also help businesses maintain legacy software and handle digital transformation by modernizing legacy applications made with Delphi and .NET. Legacy modernization projects constitute a significant part of our order volume. You can get further accustomed with how we use Delphi and .NET technologies on all stages of legacy modernization that are:

Aside from custom software development, we also help businesses maintain legacy software and handle digital transformation by modernizing legacy applications made with Delphi and .NET. Legacy modernization projects constitute a significant part of our order volume.

You can get further accustomed with our Delphi and .NET application modernization services, which include:





You can get accustomed with the full list of the technologies our engineers use to modernize and build enterprise software

Our industries and domain expertise

The industries we have experience in are:

Technical Security Systems








In these industries, we have successfully accomplished projects and delivered valuable result for our customers.

But we’d like to break down the importance of a domain expert from our perspective. The importance of experience and knowledge obtained during projects within a specific industry or business domain is arguable across the IT and software industry. Based on our experience we can say that the technology expertise in cases of legacy software modernization built with Delphi and .NET, as well as the development of custom software with these technologies, is much more important than a domain expertise.

Being the experts in Delphi and .NET technologies, helping our customers maintain legacy software, and handling digital transformation, we have found that the most important factors for achieving success are the following:

A clear understanding of how the selected technology will change and develop in the future. We track technological product roadmaps according to vendors’ press releases and events, and we can foresee how selected framework will be changed and be deprecated, will be selected another branch or focus;

Knowing the differences between releases of the same frameworks and having experience and understanding of time resources are necessary for migration. It’s important because, as an example, migration of a project from from .NET 1.1 to .NET 2.0 can take only 500 man-hours and reach its goals, while migration to the latest one, like 4.7 and .NET Сore, can take 1000+ hours and won’t make any difference for the business;

Knowing the best practice of migration techniques, a skill which we have polished through dozens of migration projects in different domains;

Internal company courses for knowledge base transfer for developers who may not be familiar with some domains;

Using the client’s existing knowledge base about the domain and project or creating and improving updated documentation about the project during development and migration; and

Close cooperation with the client team, especially members who are familiar with the legacy project and can further speed up the process.

Just have a look at a couple of examples that show how technology expertise helps effectively solve similar tasks across industries, even industries we weren’t previously accustomed to:

POS for Pharmacy

We developed fully functional point of sales (POS) software with different working places for different specialists, such as head of pharmacy, warehouse manager, and cash register. Pharmacy business, even in the aspect of sales, has a lot differences with regular retail business. We didn't have expertise in the pharmacy business before, but thanks to the accumulated expertise in business analysis, project management, and strong aptitude, our developed software now successfully works in 18 pharmacies.


Pawnshop Automation System

We don’t exactly specialize in the business of pawnshops, but we created software that automates business processes for the large network of pawnshops. We have analyzed business processes and selected more suitable technology according to their hardware requirements, network connection, and security requirements.


Application for monitoring and managing water hygiene parameters in public swimming pools

The application was developed to assist employees at public swimming pools who monitor chemical indicators such as the level of chlorine, pH, and redox reactions. We are certainly not chemists, but again, thanks to our well-developed business analysis and knowledge of software development, we managed to successfully deploy the project to the client.


Our solutions

Let’s first give a definition to what we understand under a solution. When it comes to software maintenance and enterprise custom software development, the term “solution” can carry a different meaning for different types of services.

In software modernization, a solution can be defined as a set of frameworks, technology components (Delphi and .NET technology components), approaches, 3rd party SAAS and SAAP services, software tools and applications, etc.

In enterprise custom software development, we’d define a solution as a custom software application. This doesn’t just refer to the software package that has been built and delivered to a customer, but rather shifts the focus to how effectively this package helps the business solve the problem (in whatever parameters the effectiveness is measured).

Softacom developers are capable of operating with all modern technologies, including the latest versions of the company’s core technologies, Delphi and .NET. Understanding the ultimate goal of each project allows us to successfully solve various complex challenges across a wide variety of business domains and industries.

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