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FireMonkey mobile apps development

FireMonkey (FMX) — a framework for cross-platform development for both the desktop and mobile (iOS and Android) with use of the Delphi/C++. By means of FireMonkey it is possible to create an application in case of which execution the central and graphic processors work jointly, and then by means of different compilers and runtime libraries it is possible to compile it for Windows, Mac OS or iOS.

Developers use Delphi and C ++ Builder and apply the same component approach, visually editing forms and database connectivity by moving mouse component.This is fundamentally new way of application creation that run on different platforms. If you just want to add support of other OS to your application, it won't be required to project and develop it again — it will be rather simple to recompile it.

FireMonkey platform supports creation of user interfaces with high resolution, high-performance 3D graphics, high frame rate and that is important, uses for this graphics processor.

It is possible to apply similar opportunities during creation scientific, engineering and business applications. Such applications can be connected to databases. It is possible to create control elements, buttons with boxes, unusual tables and other interface elements, and in 2D and 3D versions. It is possible to load ready 3D model in the application and to connect it to the 2D form in which it can be rotated and considered from the different sides. It is possible to create a dataful cube or 3D business diagram and rotate them using mouse, keypad. And all this can be made by means of the graphic processor with a high speed. 

FireMonkey platform is equipped with a complete system user interface element animations. It allows to apply such effects as animation of bitmap images, highlightning user interface element focus and work with vector graphics.The application created using the FireMonkey platform sends commands to the GPU which performs all work to display graphics and create the UI. At the same time the central processor is free for calculation and appeals to OS.

The most fundamental in the FireMonkey platform is the method by which it builds the user interface. There are means of placement of bitmap graphics on the interface elements, such as the menu, buttons and scroll bars. In FireMonkey we use for this purpose vector graphics using the graphic processor. Programming position is all the same control elements, but all the work on their display performs the graphic processor. We can apply styles to controls, we can make an application like app for Mac OS or Windows, create own style,apply own styles to the interface elements (for example, make the button rectangular or round, changing its style in the form editor) — for this purpose in a development environment there is styles editor.

There is each control is a container in FireMonkey. It means that each control may contain any other control. For example, inside the dropdown list there can be images, buttons, fields of editing and other controls. 

Any modern new device typically possess graphic user interface and standard software development kit (SDK). All this simplifies support of the device in FireMonkey.