Offshore Software Development

Today offshore software development which presupposes working with IT specialists from abroad is getting more and more popular. But are the reasons for it?

Even though IT services are highly demanded among businesses from different spheres, having an in-house IT department is not a very feasible option for many companies. However, off-shore services can be the right solution in such a case. Cooperation with external specialists allows you to get work done without hiring in-house developers.

Offshoring vs Outsourcing

Though offshore development and outsource development are rather close, it is necessary to understand the difference between them.

Outsourcing is a broader notion. It refers to getting services performed by an external services provider. However, this team may be located either abroad or in your country. In such a case, the office of this 3rd-party organization can be situated in the same building as yours. It doesn’t matter.

But if we speak about ordering offshore services, the party that performs works for you should be located in another country (otherwise it will be onshore development which is also included in the outsourcing category).

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Offshore software development: advantages and disadvantages

As any other practice, offshore apps development has its pluses and minuses. And it’s clear that you should always bear in mind them all before making a final decision.

Benefits of offshore development:

  • Reduced costs. The main reason for the majority of companies to turn to offshore apps development services is the possibility to find high-quality services at much lower prices in comparison to the available onshore offerings.
  • Access to qualified talents. The international labor market offers you much wider opportunities for finding experienced professionals that you need.
  • Higher flexibility. You can easily change the size and the composition of the team that is working on your project. And while doing it, you do not need to waste your time on all the issues associated with traditional hiring processes.

Risks of offshore development:

  • Cultural gap. Working with specialists from abroad you should be ready to deal with some misunderstandings caused by the differences in your mindsets.
  • Language barrier. Though English is usually used in communication with foreign developers, you need to bear in mind that sometimes there may be some difficulties in communication.
  • Time difference. When your development team is located at the other end of the world, it’s quite logical that your working hours won’t coincide.

However, with a reliable offshore team all the issues will be compensated with advanced software solutions delivered just in time.

At Softacom, we can offer you the following offshore development services:

  • desktop app development;
  • mobile app development;
  • web app development;
  • cross-platform development.

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