New Webinar

October 10, 2019, Thursday 2 PM EST (USA) / 8 PM CEST (Europe)
Databases inside RAD Studio & Delphi ecosystem. Migration process (legacy to up-to-date, to another RDBMS), data layer architecture (ORM), data access architecture (REST API) Free!
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This is a 60-minute real-time webinar (45-minute presentation with questions and answers).

Participants will be able to ask questions during the webinar.

After the webinar, the registration holders will have access to a record and a questionnaire with the help of which you will be able to evaluate the technology that best suits your needs.


What will you learn

CEO / Owner / CTO /
IT - Director / Product Manager:

Up-to-date Delphi solutions and frameworks for communications with databases;

Pitfalls of migration to up-to date or another type of RDBMS;

Cutting-edge Delphi-related solutions and practices for RDBMS;

Arguments, why you have to use Delphi and RAD Studio for your multi-tier applications;

and technical specialists:

Best practices for developing data access layers for RAD Studio projects;

How to use ORM for Delphi projects;

How to develop REST API server as DB facade;

Insights, tips and tricks for the app developers from the first mouth of DB tools and DB framework developers;

Webinar Highlights

Most popular data access patterns 10-15 years ago and today
Pitfalls of migration legacy versions of RDBMS to up-to-date versions
Pros and cons of migration to ORM instead of using regular practices
ORM for Delphi ─ TMS Aurelius from TMS Software. Pros and Cons of the solution
Pros and cons of migration to REST API instead of using “classic” DB access
REST API Server for Delphi ─ RAD Server. Pros and Cons
Serge Pilko
Embarcadero MVP
Delphi Evangelist
Founder of Softacom
15+ years of IT experience
Bruno Fierens
Embarcadero MVP
CEO of TMS Software
25+ years of IT experience
Wagner Landgraf
Creator of several Delphi environments
Business product manager of TMS Software
23+ years of Delphi development experience

Webinar Subscription

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