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Software development

One of the main specializations of our company – software development (application-oriented (desktop), web-centric, cloud solutions, mobile solutions). It means that we develop an arbitrary software according to your needs and requirements. 

You give us the idea  –  we offer a box solution to you. Just tell us what you need and we will give the optimum solution of your task.

We can offer 2 models of work:
  • FIXED PRICE ( fixed cost of projects/work, Waterfall / PMBoK software development methodology);
  • TIME & MATERIALS ( work on the actual labour costs, Agile / Scrum software development methodology).
Depending on the chosen model various requirements to initial project materials are imposed, various methodologies of assessement, payment and acceptance of work are applied. Both models possess their advantages and disadvanatges. We always offer the most optimal model from our point of view, but the choice is always yours.

The development of software is a multilevel process. Every level should be approached responsibly. The better business processes a software company is using the easier is any project to implement.

Software development stages:
  • Preliminary analysis (preliminary analysis of the objective involves getting acquainted with the task and the examination of the knowledge domain);
  • The compiling of the requirements specification (the detailed requirements specification enables better estimation of the price and the system lead time. If a customer is unable to compile a requirements specification without assistance, we can help to do it);
  • Planning (the development of the right architecture and the choice of the right technologies are core success factors and assist in meeting deadlines. The system should be designed considering its further progress and scale);
  • Programming (programming includes the coding based on the demands stated in requirements specification and modular testing);
  • Testing (before a developed system goes to a customer it undergoes multilevel testing);
  • Integration (involves system installation in working environment and training of customer's personnel to work with a system);
  • Support (involves the maintenance of a system, elimination of defects and mistakes revealed during the operation process).
Software development can be conducted under control of our mangement and under control of project managers of your company. One of the subspecies of TIME&MATERIALS work model is granting a remote team when our experts work only on your projects.