Legacy Software Enhancement

Let’s imagine that you have some app or any other type of software delivered. And then (suddenly) you notice that something works wrong. It can be just an error of developers. But in some cases, you may just look at the product and realize that your software does not perform a full list of functions that you supposed it will do. Is it a reason for ordering a new app? Definitely not. It’s just a reason to contact a reliable company that offers such a service as legacy software enhancement.

Software enhancement presupposes some changes and improvements in the functionality and features of the already delivered product without deep modernization of the technical part.
The main aim of all these actions is quite clear from the name of this activity — enhancement, which means that all the changes are to be introduced with one common goal that is to make your software meet your highest expectations and your customers’ needs.

The functions can be updated, upgraded, added, or removed. But in general, you will still have your app but with a modified functionality.

Legacy software enhancement vs. software development

As you may have already guessed, application enhancement does include its development. In this very case, a developer works with a product that is already created and delivered. Sometimes in such cases, developers work with their own product, but quite often they need to enhance apps that were built by another team. It’s clear that it is always easier to improve your own software than to deal with a code written by somebody else. However, there is nothing impossible for a real professional. Even if your app was developed by another team, do not hesitate to contact us to make it better.

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When we are speaking about software development, we are speaking about a product that initially exists only in your head. It needs to be built from scratch. It is a much more serious as well as money and time-consuming process than the legacy application enhancement.

Let us highlight it once again. If you don’t have an app, it’s obvious that you need to get it developed. But if you have an app that, for example, lacks some functions, or vice versa, has too many of them and some of them are not used, software enhancement will be a more appropriate choice.

Software enhancement vs. software reengineering

In general, we should admit that these both processes have similar goals. They both are aimed at making your software better than it is now.

However, we do not want you to think that it is just the same processes that have different names. Reengineering presupposes a more serious technical work. It is not only about functions or features of your app (though they also can be addressed). In the case of legacy software re-engineering, the functionality of your app may be fully saved, if you want. However, the software itself will be updated. Moreover, it can also be migrated to a new platform that will be considered more appropriate than the previously used one.
As a rule, software reengineering is a solution for those who are satisfied with an app itself but want to make it more up-to-date and innovative from a technical point of view, when, for example, a more relevant platform has been introduced or when the technology is not supported anymore. It’s also worth mentioning that the usage of more modern techs will help you to reduce the maintenance costs (your savings may reach 150-200%).

Legacy software enhancement: when you may need it

Quite often, customers think that if something is wrong with their software, they need to order the development of a new product. But it is not necessary at all!

App enhancement is considered to be a good way-out in a wide range of situations. But we have tried to enlist at least the most popular cases:
  • When you have noticed an error in your software;
  • When you are not satisfied with some features and want to remove them;
  • When you think that some functions look weird or irrelevant and have a desire to modify them;
  • When you think that new functions should be added.

Software enhancement: benefits and peculiarities

No risks and unpleasant surprises. When it is a new product, you can’t be absolutely sure what you will get. When you turn to software enhancement, you’ll get your app but it will have upgraded functions.

Less time needed. Software development can be a rather time-consuming process, but it will take less time to work with one feature only without modifying the entire app architecture and without introducing significant changes to the code written.

Reduced costs. As a rule, it is a much more feasible option to upgrade your app than to develop it from scratch.

How the process is organized

In the case of legacy application enhancement, there is no single recipe. The organization of the process will fully depend on the tasks that a developer has. 
However, the work always starts with an audit of the legacy app as well at its code and architecture analysis. This step is extremely important for us when we have to deal with an app built by other developers.

Then we proceed to design and development of the necessary features, to modifying or removing them if necessary.
And of course, before presenting the enhanced software to a client, we carefully test it in order to make sure that everything works correctly and that our updates haven’t influenced other components.

Closing remark

Though software enhancement can’t be considered as a universal solution to all your problems, this option can greatly facilitate your life. It can help you to save your time and money when you want to expand functionality of your app and provide your customers with a wider range of possibilities (in case you customers deal with your software).
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