Process office software


"Process Office" software is a ERP system to automatize business process management.


  • Import of structure of a business process;
  • Appointment of executors and responsible for individual stages of work;
  • Indicating the status and extent of work;
  • Risk identification and blocking works;
  • Definition of related works;
  • Condition monitoring process;
  • Analytics on various parameters;
  • Comparative analysis of similar processes;
  • Automatic evaluation efficiency of the processes on the basis of statistics;

The main feature is the import of business processes developed in the system design ARIS.

The project was implemented as a web service interface which is a one-page web application. This architecture is chosen to simplify the implementation of client applications for mobile devices.

  • Project Manager working with own team of developers;
Duration & Project Scope:
More than 500 man-hours
Technologies & Environment:
ASP.NET MVC logo JS logo Entity Framework logo SQL Server logo Visual Studio logo
Project Code: