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When it comes to mobile app development, many teams prefer Xamarin thanks to a long list of benefits that this framework can offer. But let’s start from the very beginning and take a look at what Xamarin represents itself and what responsibilities a Xamarin developer typically has.

What is Xamarin?

Xamarin is an open source app platform offered by Microsoft. It provides an opportunity to create efficient advanced cross-platform mobile apps for Android, iOS and Windows using the .NET tools and the C# programming language.

The introduction of the first version of the Xamarin platform took place in 2001. The platform was built by the engineers who stood behind Mono (that is a .NET Framework-based development platform).

There is a couple of IDEs (integrated development environments) to work with Xamarin. They are:

  • Xamarin Studio Community
  • Microsoft Visual Studio
  • MonoDevelop

The main thing that makes Xamarin so different from other cross-platform frameworks is that it enables developers to use one language and offers single runtime that will function on all 3 mobile platforms.

But the majority of other cross-platform frameworks use Javascript and HTML. In such a case, apps should be built like a typical website with the usage of JS libraries. The written website later is put into a container that allows it to feel like a native app.

Pros of using Xamarin

  • Apps are developed with the help of the modern C# language.
  • This framework presupposes a possibility to directly add Objective-C, Java and C++ libraries and use many codebases written by 3rd parties.
  • Apps are written for all 3 major mobile operating systems may share 90% of their code.
  • The Xamarin platform offers numerous class libraries.
  • The Xamarin mobile app development helps to cut expenses and time needed for building cross-platform apps.

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Cons of using Xamarin

However, like any other tool or framework, Xamarin has some weak sides as well. They are:

  • It has rather limited access to open-source libraries and may have some compatibility issues when it comes to 3rd parties tools.
  • This framework may not be suitable for building apps with heavy graphics.
  • Apps built with Xamarin may have larger sizes in comparison to those built with other frameworks.
  • Xamarin developers still need to have at least a basic knowledge of native technologies (such as Objective-C/Swift for iOS and Java/Kotlin for Android) to provide really native feel and look of their apps on different platforms.
  • The community of Xamarin developers is not very large, which means that sometimes it can be rather challenging to find an appropriate specialist. However, we should say that at Softacom, such a problem doesn’t exist as we have excellent Xamarin developers.

Responsibilities of a Xamarin developer

As you may have already guessed, such a specialist is a developer who uses the Xamarin framework to build mobile apps. Mobile software developers, as well as many other software engineers, should be able not only to build a product from scratch but also to work with the code that is already written in order to introduce changes and or fix bugs.

A good Xamarin developer should have a fundamental knowledge of C# as well as at least some basic understanding of native languages for each mobile platform.

Among some other requirements, we can name understanding of object-oriented design and programming, knowledge of the REST, JSON architecture, SOLID and KISS principles as well as experience of working with SQL and databases.

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