Artificial Intelligence for legacy software

We implement AI solutions to any existing software including legacy software built with any version of Delphi

Our AI software services

Despite the mass of noise around AI, there are only 2 services on the whole market related to AI software development

AI consultancy

  • How your business can benefit from AI
  • What AI solutions can ensure these benefits
  • Budget estimation of AI implementation

AI Integration

  • AI implemented and adoption in your business (this is what you came to us for)
  • Support and maintenance

Our Expertise In AI Software Integration

We’ll help you implement AI solutions to any software including legacy applications built with any version of Delphi

  • Diseases and anomalies identification
  • Diagnostic error prevention and decision making support
  • Early diagnosis
  • Real-time case prioritization and triage
  • Personalized medications and treatment
  • Patient data analytics
  • Pregnancy Management
  • Drug discovery
  • Gene analytics and editing
  • others
  • Demand forecasting & production planning
  • Visual inspection
  • Defect detection and quality control
  • Segmentation
  • Procurement forecasting
  • Logistics optimization
  • Product design
  • Market assets price prediction
  • Security and fraud detection
  • Risk management
  • Credit Scoring
  • Customer services
  • Clients segmentation
  • Compliance and regulatory reporting
  • Personal finance management
  • Chatbots and virtual finance assistance
  • Demand forecasting
  • Supply planning
  • Damage detection/ Visual Inspection
  • Predicting potential machine failures
  • Warehouse analysis and optimization
  • Delivery routes optimization
  • Dynamic Pricing
  • Delivery Scheduling and tracking
  • Traffic management
  • Supporting with the related articles
  • Scripts generation
  • Articles heading suggestions
  • Real time news monitoring
  • Image collection and suggestion
  • Content personalization
  • Data visualization
  • Readers segmentation

How to start implementation?

AI frameworks for specific tasks

AI to Delphi software integration flow

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