Cloud Migration & SaaS Development

We connect back-end & databases to Amazon and Microsoft Azure cloud services and build SaaS software using Delphi

Cloud consulting

Concerns we’ll help you to address
Our consultation should help you to figure out whether you’ll benefit from cloud and what should be done to get most of cloud
Define a clear cloud change roadmap (in weeks, not months)
Avoid wasting money on unused cloud resources
Define the right cloud platform (Amazon, Google, Microsoft, HP etc.)
Determine the right deployment model (public, private, hybrid)
Is “now” the right time for cloud (Is your company ready for cloud transformation)
Security level (to protect cloud-based data and software)
and much more

Cloud strategy transformation planning & management

Cloud can save money, improve and accelerate innovation, and makes your company more profitable and competitive. But to effectively leverage it, avoid mistakes a good and detailed plan is needed

Your current business requirements (as you see it)

Your future business requirements (as you see it)

Assessment and high-level blueprint

Your feedback

Detailed analysis and specific roadmap plan on paper

Cloud migration services

Migration to cloud is often perceived as stressful, resource intensive and something that requires serious planning. We help companies of all sizes to overcome the pitfalls to become more cost-efficient, agile, and innovative
Migration Delphi desktop software to cloud
Migration from shared hosting to cloud
Migration from on-premises servers to cloud
Migration from an internal client-server solution to a cloud
Migration to private or public cloud

Software as a service (SaaS) development

We help your company to deliver best custom cloud experience for your clients using cloud native development and application modernization
Building a custom application is one thing; building it for a specific cloud environment is another. Our team understands application architecture of most popular cloud services providers.
Transform your business into an intelligent enterprise with solutions from Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Hewlett Packard, Adobe, IBM, Heroku and more.

Protect your cloud infrastructure and data

We help businesses to handle so many security options available and develop a security strategy that safeguards all of the connections to your system as data moves to cloud.

Purchasing infrastructure as a Service from cloud providers you remain responsible for protecting the assets you use because of the shared responsibility model. In this model vendors must provide services securely, but your company remains responsible for managing access controls and limiting the data stored in that service.

Cloud industry expertise

cloud technology consultations per month we provide on average
cloud-based projects implemented last 12 month
users globally are served by our projects monthly
Talk to us and get your project moving
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