Delphi software support and maintanance

We maintain and support all types of software built with Delphi

Our support & maintanance services

Software support as a service includes a wide range of tasks.
Based on the objectives we can name the following types of software support

This type of service presupposes fixing various bugs that may be noticed in the process of using the system. Among the errors that can be corrected we can name coding errors, design errors as well as logical ones. Very often bugs are fixed based on the reports received from users. But with corrective software support, specialists are able to detect these bugs before users do that.
If you are not fully satisfied with your software, we can introduce any improvements that you wish. For example, we can add, modify or disable any feature or functions if you do not believe that they can bring any value to users. Perfective support helps you to keep your software fully relevant to all the currently existing needs and requirements.
It is always much easier to prevent some problems in advance than to try to solve their consequences later. Our team can analyze the history of your software usage, monitor feedback from your customers as well as conduct necessary testing in order to find out any weak points. Such improvements are aimed at solving problems before they surface themselves.
When you plan to use your software in a new environment, some modifications may be required, for example, changes in the data format or localization. Adaptive support can be also required when new policies and rules regarding your software are introduced. After such changes, it is necessary to make sure that your product meets new requirements and continues to function properly.

Benefits of legacy software maintenance

Enhanced performance
Legacy software support is aimed at making your product function better. The improvements may include upgrades that will help to increase the performance of your product and widen its functionality.
Bugs-free product
When you get a new app, it’s highly possible that you won’t notice all bugs at one. Some of them may become obvious much later. But it’s not a reason to order a new product. All bugs can be fixed if you turn to application support services.
Technologies are constantly developing. Some features that seemed to be really innovative a couple of years ago, today may be considered to be irrelevant. To stay up-to-date, you shouldn’t ignore modern trends. Regular updating is just what you need.
Reduced costs
Do you know that the older your software is, the higher is the cost that you need to pay if you want to keep it functioning. If you do not want to overpay, timely support services should become your choice.
Long life cycle of your software
If you think that support is needed only for those products that already have problems, it’s not so. In case you order support services from the very beginning, you will be able to avoid a lot of problems and ensure a longer lifestyle of your software.

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