Delphi Web Applications Development

If you need to launch or update your web software you have found just the right company to help you. At Softacom, we have rich experience in development and modernization of enterprise-grade web applications.

Web software development services

UI and UX design

If you have an app that was built 15 years ago and it still works with a high level of stability, that’s very good. But it’s difficult to imagine that such an application can look and feel modern. And probably, it’s high time for you to think about UI and UX modernization.

Front-end development

There are many reasons you may need to modernize your web application front-end. Legacy apps don’t have the capabilities to support modern browser features or rich user interfaces. Libraries and frameworks youк software was built years ago are difficult to maintain. We will help you in all these cases.

Back-end development

We develop back-end solutions when our clients need to build complex web software from scratch or when they need to modernize legacy web applications. Our developers can also help you migrate your back-end to public or private cloud.

API development

Our API integration and development services include the development of a wide range of API connectors for different layers: API for data interaction or migrations, UI API, Events API, etc.. The application of this wide range of APIs will help you to ensure deep integration between your web application and other data sources including 3rd party services.

Integration services

Our web developers will integrate your applications with 3rd party services or your on-premise servers and databases. We provide SOAP and REST API integrations. Web and desktop, web and cloud, web and mobile integrations.

QA and testing

At Softacom we develop automated tests for all of our projects. For big and complex projects we apply a test-driven development approach. Our QA services include Functional Testing, Web UI Testing, Automated API Testing, Load Testing and other types of testing depending on a project requirements.

Legacy application modernization

We specialize in legacy software modernization built with all versions of Delphi. Our modernization services include: legacy code migration, UX/UI modernization, web to cloud migration, API integration and others. We’ll help you to choose the most appropriate options for modernization of your web software.

Cloud migration

If you decide to migrate your web application from shared or dedicated hosting to cloud, our DevOps specialists are at your service. They’ll prepare your project for seamless migration and help you to set up continuous integration if needed.

Types of web software we create

We create new custom as well as platform-based web applications such as ...
EPR systems
CRM systems
Video and text Messaging platforms
Administration consoles
E-commerce services
HR management
Internal corporate systems
Word processors
Email services
Video and photo editing programs

Industries we serve

We can offer excellent web solutions for a wide range of spheres. Among our clients are companies from such industries as ...
Real Estate


Our web technologies include:




TMS IntraWeb

TMS IntraWeb



Microsoft Azure

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