If you find all above too emotional, okay, let’s focus on facts now.

Key facts about us


We are experts in Delphi and .NET and our CEO Serge Pilko is an Embarcadero MVP and a Delphi Evangelist.


Our company acts as an official consulting and training partner of Embarcadero and as a certified consulting partner of TMS Software.


We do our best to promote Delphi, to support specialists working with related technologies and to help young people to choose Delphi for their future careers.


Softacom is a media partner of the largest Delphi events in Europe and we also take part in international conferences as speakers


We organize webinars on Delphi-related topics and share our expertise with the audience from the whole world.


Softacom was founded in 2008 with an R&D center in Minsk, Belarus. In 2018, our company became a resident of Belarus Hi-Tech Park (HTP).

The first thing we want to tell:

“We love working with legacy software. We like keeping it up-to-date, re-engineering and enhancing it.”

We enjoy inspecting, researching, refactoring and migrating legacy code. We like projects that may seem boring to anyone else.

We have strong expertise in working with a wide range of technologies. But among them we like Delphi and .Net the most. You can find the full list of our technologies here.

Our key principle

“Never give up neither legacy nor new software projects in which we use trendy technologies and frameworks.”

We’re passionate about designing software: passing all stages starting from business analysis, UX/UI design and ending up with working software apps.

We are different.

“We won’t be pitching you groundless solutions. No. All the time we make our best to be objective, not blind. We offer our customers only valuable solutions.”

We know that there are no all-fits-one solutions. We always carefully analyze each case individually and consider different variants before finding the one that will bring real value to your business.

What else?

“We’ve transformed the win-win principle into happy-happy.”

It is exactly that type of relations that we build with our clients. Each time we help our clients reach their goals, we can be proud of ourselves. Why happy-happy instead of win-win? Even if you win, you can still be unhappy. But if you are happy, then at least you won.

Why Softacom?

Why should you choose us as your tech partner or contractor?

This question we ask ourselves and discuss within the management team every week.
There are so many companies on the market that seem so alike that you could just toss a coin to choose a team that will develop your software. But even at the shortlisting stage you can come across a company that stands out from the crowd.
Every day we work hard to remain that company

Types of software we design and develop

Though the majority of our projects are about legacy software migration and modernization, our services are not limited to that type of software development services.

Feel free to contact us if you need to design and build a product from scratch; redesign, enhance or migrate your current software to a newer technology version or to a completely another technology if it is feasible in your case.

We design and work with:
Web apps and SaaS apps
classic websites
Desktop software
Mobile apps
IOT software

Our portfolio includes over 80 projects we delivered to our clients globally.

We are open to offering our expertise to companies overcoming tech challenges. Contact us and we promise you will be happy with your software app.

We delivered software solutions for





and many other industries

Still have questions about your app migration? Feel free to ask one of our experts!