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27.07.2022 Alex A.

Improve Delphi with free plugins

In this article, we'll look at plugins and explain what each one does and what it solves. We'll explain in detail how it can help you....

5 minutes reading
11.07.2022 Alex A.

Push notifications in Delphi

Features of TNotificationCenter in Delphi. In this article we implement Push notifications in FMX us...

7 minutes reading
29.06.2022 Alex A.

Storing cross-platform application settings in JSON

There are many ways to save and load settings of your application. Does the simple, cross-platform s...

9 minutes reading
09.06.2022 Alex A.

How to create a PDF document in Delphi without using additional components

In this article we will describe the simplest version of PDF document structure. We will show how to...

12 minutes reading
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