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WinForms Modernization & Migration Services

Reimagine your legacy WinForms application with our modernization and migration experts.

Modernization consulting

If you don't know whether you need a migration or modernization, our experts will perform an in-depth business analysis of your application and offer the solution that will allow you to fulfill all the functions your business needs in the long term, thanks to our 15 years of experience with legacy software.

Software reengineering

With a wide range of modernization skills and as experts in re-engineering legacy WinForms applications, we help companies make the most of their core business applications. Filling them with benefits such as reducing technical debt and maintenance costs, improving efficiency, increasing productivity, and improving application response time.

Migration WinForms app to web

Our professionals will develop the most effective methodology for migrating your legacy WinForms application to realize advantages such as enhanced functionality, reduced support costs, improved performance, and accessibility from anywhere.

UI modernization

We offer UI modernization services that include modernization of GUI, applications and technologies to provide better usability and experience to end users and increase conversions. Our professionals have deep expertise in migrating WinForms to WPF, thereby increasing business revenue at a relatively low cost.

Technology migration to up-to-date version

We will revitalize your application built on legacy languages and platforms or outdated technologies using modern programming languages, frameworks and databases. Our developers have a large technology stack.

WinForms application integration

We create reliable integrations of any type and complexity. We are guided by the principles of maximizing efficiency, not just completing tasks. Our experts will assess the feasibility of integration and propose an integration scenario that will maximize the benefits to your business.


  • Delphi (Object Pascal) Delphi (Object Pascal)
  • .NET Framework .NET Framework
  • .NET Core .NET Core
  • .NET .NET
  • C# C#
  • React React
  • Angular Angular
  • Java Java
  • Python Python

Voices from our Clients

Niels Thomassen VP of development
Modernization of POS software complex
“Softacom is meticulous about the details and quality and has been quick to understand the specific requirements of our clients.”
Anthony Barker Software Project Manager
Hardware-software complex electronic queue
“During the project duration, Softacom developers have shown excellent professional skills, a deep understanding of our constraints, high-quality communication.”
David Kunstner VP of Engineering
Payroll and Tax Management Software System Migration & Modernization
“Softacom exhibits strong cultural understanding and communication skills, allowing them to tackle challenges effectively and speed up the submission of results.”
Carlos Lima Software Engineer
Migration and support of legacy systems
“Softacom has gone above and beyond to exceed the needs and requirements.”
John Shewchuk CTO
Migration of a desktop ERP system from Windows Forms to .NET 6
“Professionalism at every level of the company, from the president to the PM to the developers and testers.”

Ready to realise your product vision? Partner with us.

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Reasons to choose Softacom

  • Standardized approach 
  • Quick start
  • Vast industry experience
  • Client-first approach
  • Test-driven development process
  • Reduced cost through proprietary frameworks
  • Robust delivery methods
  • A wide pool of proven developers around the world
  • Excellent reputation
  • An opportunity to assemble a team with experienced specialists in just a 3 week

Banking, fintech, media & entertainment, manufacturing, automotive, energy, telecom, eCommerce, healthcare, and customer service sectors.

We do not believe in a one-solution-fits-all approach. Softacom adjusts delivery models to business requirements to provide the most value and tackle issues efficiently.

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