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Our consulting and strategy development service based on specific business objectives and team in-depth expertise.

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With 15 years of experience in migrating and modernizing enterprise applications and software, we believe that defining a strategy and being confident in the choice of implementation methods is the foundation for success in any project.



Absence of risks and long-term financial obligations

You do not need to immediately order the implementation of the whole project, you can simply request consulting separate from the project and pay only a one-time business analysis service.

Concrete, understandable further actions

Based on the expedited analysis you will receive a detailed action plan that is most effective and beneficial for the company to close the current business tasks for the long term.

Our IT Consulting Services

Enterprise architecture consulting

Our experts can develop the strategy of moving from antiquated and inefficient IT delivery architectures and systems to a cloud-based infrastructure that streamlines delivery and enables the integration of new technologies into your software system.

Strategic and technology consulting

Technology must enable a business to not only operate sustainably today, but also sustainably in the future. The requirements for software functionality are constantly expanding. That is why it is important for businesses to not only operate sustainably today, but also to expand their technological capabilities to meet the demands of customers and the expectations of employees. Our experts in IT modernization and migration can help you find a balance between these two goals.

Business analysis in software migration and modernization services

Business analysis services allow delivering the solution to bring sustainable business value and identify bottlenecks that could impact software efficiency.

Business analysis service includes the following areas:

– Preporation and Planning
discovery workshops and kick-off session;
definition of the project approauch (here is your answer to the question whether you really need a migration, upgrade (full migration or component migration) or development from scratch);
labor input estimation;
definition of needs and goals;
feasibility analysis and risk assesment.

– Requirements and Analysis
documenting business and functional requirements;
requirements validation;
creating an action plan (the migration/modernization/integration/development plan);
scoping and prioritization;
сreation of a roadmap;
provision of approximate timeframes, budget, tech stack, the composition of the team;
detailed BA documentation (SRS)/Project proposal.

– Design
prototyping to create a basis for UX/UI designers;
UI-kit (Style Guide);
Full-fledged UI design;

– Pre-Development
Backlog specification.

Software health check

If your business is running software systems or you regularly encounter failures and costly downtimes, we will review, analyze, investigate causes and vulnerabilities in additional to requirements analysis.

Free bonus

– Design
If you already have a description of the requirements, processes, Vision&Scope, architecture and structure of the project, our business analysts will conduct a quality audit of the performed analysis and will propose recommendations to improve efficiency and ensure the smooth running of the project.

As a Result of the Consulting Service you will get

Detailed analysis of the software status and analysis of the request to solve existing problems

This kind of documentation is required to fully describe all project requirements in order for the development team to fully comprehend them and deliver the precise solution that is needed.

Formulating and detailed description the tasks

Our business analysts will create tasks with thorough descriptions based on your specifications so that your development team can produce an accurate plan for the effective project implementation.

Structured project documentation

Especially if the product has a prolonged service life, this is necessary. One day, you'll need to migrate, add a new feature, or resolve a significant issue. QA experts and developers must examine how everything functions in order to do tasks swiftly and accurately, regardless of what the documentation claims.

Concrete and clear road map

Based on the request and assessment of software functionality, our experts will propose the most effective method of solving your problems and will develop a plan for implementation. You will be able to see and understand the scope of work and their terms, the possible composition of the team and the top-level budget plan for the future project.

Consulting Workflow

01 step

  • Our IT consulting experts examine your current software solutions and how your staff uses them to find issues with workflows and automation.

02 step

Strategic planning
  • The consultants create a plan and strategy that will assist your company in utilizing cutting-edge technology and cleaning up your software infrastructure.

03 step

  • Collaboration between the client and the IT consulting firm is essential for effective IT consulting services. Our experts will carefully examine your workflows, monitoring the results to identify any problems. The hindering factors will subsequently be removed by our software developers.

04 step

  • Our software engineers and IT consulting consultants make recommendations for future enhancements once the first aims have been met and help with their implementation.

Identify where the bottleneck is in your tech ecosystem.

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CEO at Softacom

CEO at Softacom

Bruev CEO at Softacom

When you clearly know the exact direction in which you should move in the development of your solution, that’s already 50% of success. In my practice, I faced a row of situations, when customers took a decision to change the concept of their solution based on the results of the conducted business analysis and could have a look at their initiative from different perspectives.

Business analysis reduces project costs, allows to forecast risks, and saves the nervous systems of all involved stakeholders.

Thanks to expert analysis and a clear plan of action, customers can find the best approach to their project realization and eliminate a lot of financial risks.

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