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Why Softacom

  • Quick start
  • Pre-developed migration framework
  • Best solutions
  • Transparent workflow
  • Сode principles
  • Vast industry experience

We have a wide pool of developers around the world. Due to Softacom’s excellent reputation we have the best proven specialists working with us, so you can assemble a team or enhance a project with experienced specialists in just a couple of weeks.

We use a pre-developed framework for all kinds of migrations. It allows us to increase speed and reduce development costs. Top developers №1 worldwide with deep expertise and 5+ years of experience.

Softacom is an official consulting and training partner of Embarcadero and certified consulting partner of TMS Software. Our developers have access to a global knowledge base and the ability to find any possible solution for your project.

We have made the process of selecting specialists as simple and clear as possible. There are only four steps to the goal: Requirement gathering, Team selection, Interview and Recruiting. You will have access to the status of each stage and the ability to focus on business tasks while we work on your requirements.

Thoughtful architecture, scalability, adaptability, long-term solution relevance. We always look for a really effective way, predict and manage the risks which may appear in 1, 3, 5 years from now.

Banking, fintech, media & entertainment, manufacturing, automotive, energy, telecom, eCommerce, healthcare, IT, retail and customer service sectors.

Top Engineers fully integrated with your team.

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We are Experts at

Migration to new technologies and frameworks

We will update your software built on legacy languages and platforms or outdated technologies using modern programming languages, frameworks and databases. Our developers have a large technology stack.

Legacy Delphi code migration

Your software could be written using Delphi 5 or Delphi 7 and may still work correctly. But we have to think about future risks, especially when we provide software service to others. Softacom's Delphi experts specialize in this type of migration, which involves migrating your software from legacy Delphi versions to modern ones with a long-term perspective - at least 3-5 years.

Migration to up-to-date .NET versions

It doesn’t matter whether you still do not know if you need to upgrade your .NET application or you are already looking for a professional team that can do it for you, at Softacom, we are always at your disposal. We don't just perform the tasks, we first evaluate the effectiveness of the project.

Delphi to .NET migration

If we see that legacy software has a really obsolete legacy architecture we can offer to divide a system, e.g. for a multi-tier system and migrate some parts to other technologies and platforms.
During the work on each project our team solves a lot of complicated issues and makes a lot of decisions. When we offer some solutions, we try to find a really effective way, predict and manage the risks which may appear in 1, 3, 5 years from now.

WinForms migration & modernization

Our professionals have deep expertise in migrating WinForms to WPF, thereby increasing business revenue at a relatively low cost.
We can also develop the most effective methodology for migrating a WinForms app to Web to realize benefits such as enhanced functionality, reduced support costs, increased productivity, and accessibility from anywhere in the world.

Cloud migration

Our experts can help you define the right cloud strategy, operating model, roadmap, and ecosystem partners. And migrate and modernize cloud computing to be secure, cost-effective and agile.

Desktop to Web or Mobile migration

What do you get by migration from desktop to web?
- Higher Processing Speeds to Better Run a System;
- Improved Security Metrics;
- Simplified View Over Core Business Processes;
- Solid Foundation for Fast Innovation.
While migrating from desktop to mobile, we are based on key principles:
- Taking into account the need for cross-platform adaptation;
- Designing prototypes with a focus on key operations;
- Evaluating the feasibility of moving data to a separate mobile application from a business perspective.

Data migration

Data migration as part of a software migration to another deployment platform may include:
- Migration from an in-house database to a cloud database (Ms SQL Server to Microsoft Azure or AWS);
- Migration from one back-end configuration to another (ISAPI to Apache);
- Migration from shared hosting to the cloud (Bluehost to Microsoft Azure or AWS web app);
- Migration from one cloud to another (Microsoft Azure to AWS or vice versa);
- And many others (Softacom offers any solutions our clients need).

64bit migration

BDE to FireDAC migration

Pre unicode migration

3rd party Components & Libraries migration

How we work

01 step

General project planning
  • NDA signing
  • Preliminary project analysis

02 step

Business analysis
  • Analyzing the request, formulating and clarifying requirements
  • Сhoice of the approach
  • Creation of a roadmap
    • Timeframes
    • Possible risks and easy to address them
    • Main stages
  • Provision of approximate budget, tech stack, the composition of the team

03 step

  • Preparation
    • Creation of a migration plan
  • Launch
    • Definition of contact persons
    • Team onboarding
    • Task decomposition
    • High-level plan and estimate setting
  • Functionality migration | Refactoring | Code review
    • Migration of not supported third-party components
    • Migration of the developed early components (if any)
    • Migration of the main app
    • Correction of run-time errors
    • Unicode correction
    • Correction of warnings and hints
  • Testing
    • Preparation of a testing environment that will satisfy all the requirements from the list, from infrastructure to functionality
    • Manual testing
    • Automated testing
  • Release

Engagement Models

Time and materials

Billed at hourly rates for part time or full time engagement. The model is suitable for executing a flow of short tasks on demand. It is often used on maintenance and support contracts.

Managed team

Managed team model works extremely well for projects in which software requirements can not be detailed enough. The model provides an optimal balance between risk mitigation and flexibility.

What our Customers say

Niels Thomassen VP of development
Modernization of POS software complex
"Softacom is meticulous about the details and quality and has been quick to understand the specific requirements of our clients. They come up with suggestions and are challenging approaches if they find them less than optimal."
General Director
Development of hardware-software complex for providing paid access to aquaparks, swimming pools, spa-centers, ski resorts
"Our company cooperates with Softacom for 10 years. During this time, we managed to implement in common more than 40 successful projects in the field of security and automation of production processes."
VP of Engineering
Payroll and Tax Management Software System Migration & Modernization
"The project management approach in completing the project has been impeccable and efficient. Softacom exhibits strong cultural understanding and communication skills, allowing them to tackle challenges effectively and speed up the submission of results."
General Director
Hardware-software complex electronic queue
"The hardware and software complex Electronic queue allowed speed up the work of the service personnel significantly and increase the labor productivity of staff."
Software Project Manager
App migration from Delphi 5 to Delphi 10
"During the project duration, Softacom developers have shown excellent professional skills, a deep understanding of our constraints, high-quality communication. I am particularly impressed by their persistence and diligence in complicated cases, such as migrated third-party components compatibility issues."
General Director
Development of hardware-software electronic queue system
"We want to mention the company Softacom, as experts in the field of development on Delphi."
Custom Software Development Application Management & Support Application Testing
"I appreciate their commitment to software craftsmanship and delivering value to the customer."
A. Kiryakov General Director
Development of hardware-software complex for safeguarding of technical security of protected objects
"Thank you for developing the software solution ISTSO (Integrated Technical Security System), which allows developers and manufacturers of various equipment to build a system to monitor the status of equipment throughout the facility or enterprise in real time."
Software Engineer
Software migration to the Delphi 10 platform
"Thanks to Softacom's efforts, they have successfully migrated the client's large software application to the Delphi 10 platform. The team has executed a smooth workflow through quick feedback and attentiveness. They have gone above and beyond to exceed the needs and requirements."
John Shewchuk CTO
Migration and support of legacy systems
"Professionalism at every level of the company, from the president to the PM to the developers and testers. Appreciate their commitment to software craftsmanship and delivering value to the customer. They are able to staff an entire team (architect/developers/testers) or a team of one developer."

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