We modernized the payment system by implementing a new service-oriented architecture (SOA)


Legacy code migration
Software modernization

As our client base is growing, it has become necessary to introduce a reliable solution for user authentification and authorization.

We also would like to implement a new service-oriented architecture (SOA) in order to make our system more efficient and scalable.

months for realization
340 000+
lines of code
year-old code
Project manager
Business analyst
4 Developers
QA engineer
Programming languages
MS Visual Studio
MS SQL Server, MySQL
.NET 6, ASP.NET, WinForms

Our client is a manufacturer of construction mixtures. The company has its own SaaS product that is used by other manufacturing companies as well. It is a payment solution that is integrated with a row of third-party services. The system included complex reporting tools for calculating and tracking payments.
As the company’s client base and its business plans for adding new functionality were quickly expanding, the management decided to introduce a new service-oriented architecture (SOA) in order to make the system more effective and scalable. In this case, breaking the inner modules down into separate services could facilitate the system maintenance and growth as well as allow conducting the development in parallel.


In the first stage, our team fulfilled design tasks. Then, we offered a flexible and reliable solution for an authentication and authorization infrastructure. It included several WCF services and ensured a secure connection between the company’s infrastructure, users, and third parties.

The system was complex and had numerous interconnected business logic modules and the replacement of elements required special attention. We started writing automated tests for the legacy system. And when the solution for replacement was ready, our engineer used tests to check whether new elements would correspond to the existing environment. Such an approach allowed us to implement the solution without downtime.

Also, our team conducted refactoring of a significant number of functions and developed the following system modules from scratch:

  • Security (fraud detection, filtration of IP addresses, etc.)
  • Notification system
  • Logging infrastructure
  • Statistics
  • Management and control system in production

Thanks to the introduction of a service-oriented architecture, our client can enjoy the benefits of an effective and scalable system.

Moreover, the company can also use a flexible and reliable solution for user authentication and authorization.

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