We modernized the obsolete software for a manufacturer of transport heat exchanges via cloud migration


Legacy code migration
Cloud migration
Software modernization

The software performance is getting lower and the software has started to work more slowly.

Our approaches to user identification and authorization have become obsolete.

The design looks old-fashioned and the functionality is not intuitively clear.

months for realization
200 000+
lines of code
Over 15
year-old code
Project manager
Business analyst
2 Developers
QA engineer
UX/UI designer
Programming languages
Microsoft Visual Studio
Microsoft SQL Server, Azure SQL Database
Cloud service

This client is a manufacturer of heat exchangers. The company is mainly focused on custom solutions for vehicles. The software used by the team was powered by old technologies and was developed by the employees who have already left the company. The maintenance included a lot of manual processes which led to an increase in costs.

The customer wanted to modernize the existing software in order to ensure faster calculations. The speed of calculations that is demonstrated by software is one of the key factors in the industry and it has a key influence on the decisions of clients who are looking for a company that will provide such solutions to them.

Our team received the following tasks:

  • To increase the effectiveness of the sale/order management process, including further development of tools and apps that are used by the client
  • To integrate tools with the client’s authentication system
  • To stabilize the current system and preserve its components and business logic
  • To modernize the user interface by making it look and feel more up-to-date

We conducted a thorough analysis, defined the tasks, planned the use of resources and realization stages, and created a project roadmap. The key task was to move the existing system to the Microsoft Azure Cloud platform in order to leverage its flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and high performance, as well as to increase the feasibility of the use of financial resources. 

Our team successfully migrated the legacy software to a public cloud in less than 8 months. We did it without downtimes in the client’s work with zero defects at the launch. The migration allowed us to reduce the time required for deploying changes in the infrastructure from months to a couple of hours.

We’ve managed to ensure the following results:

  • The improved architecture and tech solutions compatible with Azure Cloud
  • CI/CD
  • Realization of a new modern design and responsive interface
  • Integration of tools with a client’s authentication system

Thanks to adjusting the software to modern standards, it was possible to make adding new functions and modernization of the existing ones much more cost- and time-efficient.

After the conducted migration, the process of tech maintenance was simplified and the overall performance increased.

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