We modernized the website for a sportswear retailer to help the company enter the global marketplace

Retail & eCommerce

Legacy code migration
Software modernization
Software debugging

Our company is expanding which makes it necessary to modernize our website.

We are afraid of starting losing our clients due to an obsolete interface and lack of mobile optimization.

months for realization
280 000+
lines of code
More than 10
year-old code
Project manager
Business analyst
3 .NET Developers
QA engineer
UX/UI designer
Programming languages
C#, JS
Visual Studio
Microsoft SQL Server
.NET 6.0
Cloud service

In this project, we worked with a sportswear retail company. After a successful start in the Australian market, the company managed to initiate its expansion in the US and Europe. They sold their goods through an online store. The site was integrated with the warehouse accounting system. Nevertheless, amid its global expansion, it faced serious challenges, which can happen quite often.

The growth in online sales and in orders placed from mobile devices led to the necessity to deal with the following difficulties:

  • Lack of mobile optimization

Due to the continuous increase in mobile traffic, the company’s management was preoccupied with the fact that their websites were not adapted to mobile traffic and mobile transactions.

  • Obsolete design

The interfaces that were designed 10 years ago looked really old-fashioned.

  • Heavy websites that required much time for loading 

The obsolete .NET version that was used for back-end development already didn’t cope with the existing loads. As a result, the websites needed a  lot of time for loading and it was really difficult to use them. It could become a reason for user dissatisfaction and financial losses.

The company contacted us with a request to modernize the platform for meeting quickly changing business needs.


Given the tasks that we got from the client, our team set the priority for the modernization processes of different website elements.
The most urgent task was to make the website responsive and eliminate the issues that acted as a barrier to the website’s seamless performance.

We cleaned the existing code and fixed the tech debt that the code accumulated over the years of website work. As a result, a new design can load really quickly. For improving, user experience, we paid special attention to the mobile interfaces.

The next step was the migration of the backend to the latest .NET version. We fully reworked the existing functionality of the web app. Our team solved all the problems related to the user interface resolution which allowed us to ensure full design responsiveness. After that, our team proceeded to set the backend for launching several websites for different regions. Then, we integrated everything all together in the backend to let admins and business teams have access to diverse business analytics.


We managed to create a powerful backend that allows the website to seamlessly work worldwide and ensure a new awesome design.

As a result, our client got a set of interconnected eCommerce websites that are fully optimized for mobile devices. These results were achieved thanks to a deep analysis of the customer’s business goals and the introduction of a single vision and strategy for our actions.

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