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  • Softacom Strives to Achieve Customer Satisfaction And Engagement Through Their Incredible Solutions

Softacom Strives to Achieve Customer Satisfaction And Engagement Through Their Incredible Solutions

GoodFirms interview with Softacom founder Serge Pilko

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    GoodFirms interview with Softacom founder Serge Pilko


    Softacom specializes in providing end-to-end business app development services to various tech companies and startups globally. More than 15 years of experience developing, improving, supporting, and migrating business software written with .NET/Delphi. This article by GoodFirms aims to highlight the successful journey traveled by the Founder & Embarcadero MVP of Softacom – Serge Pilko.

    Softacom is an Embarcadero partner and well-recognized IT company that provides top-notch .NET/Delphi software development services and various IT solutions to small, medium, and large enterprises globally. Since its inception, they have delivered many full-cycle software development and Delphi-based software migration projects to diversified clients.

    The company has years of exceptional experience developing customized frameworks that helped various businesses migrate and modernize their software systems with the most efficient and effective process for more than 15 industries worldwide.

    These instances have helped Softacom achieve a prominent position in the list of top data migration companies on the GoodFirms – The global platform provides verified client reviews to find the right company for your business requirements.

    The GoodFirms team interviewed Serge Pilko, Softacom’ Founder & Embarcadero MVP, to learn more about the company and its values. 

    Founder’s Role And The Story Behind Company’s Foundation

    Serge shared that, Softacom’s expertise in Delphi technology allows them to execute the software modernization or migration process excellently based on any version of Delphi since its commencement in 1995. Softacom is an official consulting and training partner of Embarcadero.

    The company was founded in 2008 with headquarters in Poland and the United States. Most importantly, Softacom’s dedication to enterprise software migration and web applications with the most advanced cloud technology and .NET and Delphi. The dedicated team has all the abilities and capabilities to provide modernized applications with third-party integrated resources and platforms. 

    He also mentioned that the idea behind starting the company and Transition From Employee to Employer was not associated with the typical reason that “he is not satisfied with the professional career,” in fact, Serge’s entrepreneurial spirit thrives on working together with a highly skilled team to create innovative software solutions for all size and shapes of businesses globally.  

    When asked about his role in the company, he said, as a Founder and CEO of Softacom, “I am responsible to maintain the quality of our most efficient software migration and other IT services that increase the interest of our customers to keep coming back to us for more complex and challenging business projects that motivates me and my team to perform better and provide satisfactory results to our customers.”

    Business Model And The Company’s Core Competencies

    Serge talked about Softacom’s business model, which is an in-house team, and they possess more than 70 experienced professionals well-versed in .NET and Delphi developers working in the team. He added that, on a corporate level, the company has more than 1000 IT specialists from across the globe.

    The company consistently develops a community of professionals passionate about Delphi and .Net technologies. Therefore, by hiring a Softacom team, a client gets qualified and experienced Delphi software modernization and cloud migration experts, web and mobile developers, UI/UX designers, etc.

    Serge mentioned that the company differentiates itself from its competitors by providing tangible value to customers. Their dedicated professionals thoroughly analyze clients’ business needs and objectives to deliver the best-in-class solutions to their clients globally. 

    Softacom’s Services Offers Result-Oriented Solutions To Various Industries With Client Satisfaction

    Serge shared the company’s services and industries they serve and how the customer gets satisfied when choosing Softacom as their IT partner.

    Serge mentioned the company’s most in-demand services:

    ● Software migration

    ● Team Extension (Staff Augmentation, Dedicated Teams)

    ● Custom Software Development

    ● Software modernization

    ● Software & application integration

    ● Test automation

    ● Mobile testing

    ● Cloud Development

    ● UX/UI Design

    Most of the company’s clients belong to retail, construction, manufacturing, banking/finance, and healthcare industries. However, the company has delivered its services to all the business areas. The case studies are mentioned on Softacom’s website.

    Furthermore, the company has completed over 90 long-term software migration, modernization, and enterprise software development projects for many startups, international corporations, and enterprises. Softacom’s customer satisfaction rate is 4.9 – 5, and most importantly, their clients provide valuable insights on projects that allow them to improve their services and solutions as per customer feedback. 

    The reviews by GoodFirms show how Softacom works with its clients.

    Click here for more reviews.

    Money is Important, But the Customer is More Important!

    When asked about the budget requirements, Serge said the company has no specific budget requirements for any project. Softacom’s goal is to solve the problem of every small, medium, and large business by providing excellent solutions and support systems for them to grow and help them reach the next level.

    Softacom’s specialty is in legacy software migration and modernization services, which are based on long-term projects. For website development, they consider this service to provide only when their expertise suits the nature of the project.

    The Futuristic Vision

    Serge mentioned that the company shone brightly in the past and will continue to maintain its glorious victory by providing more light to various businesses in achieving their goals and objectives. They prefer short-term planning but an effective and efficient process that benefits them in the long term. Every 3 to 4 years, the company revises its business strategy aligned with the current trends and technologies, as today, the world is undergoing unexpected and abrupt changes in all industries worldwide.

    Therefore, Softacom wants to expand its software migration and modernization market share. It offers all sizes of businesses in manufacturing, banking, commerce, and various industries globally.

    You can also go through this detailed interview on GoodFirms.

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