Delphi Linux

Today Linux is one of the most popular operating systems. That’s why it is quite explicable that such services as the development of applications for Linux are highly demanded. There are various approaches to building such kind of software. And one of them is the development of Linux apps using Delphi tools.

Delphi Linux software development tools

Embarcadero RAD Studio that unites Delphi and C++Builder in a development environment is a cross-platform development tool. However, Linux app can be built only using Delphi. C++ Builder does not support this option. As Linux compiler is available only for Delphi yet.

Besides Windows, macOS and Android development, RAD Studio provides a possibility to create apps for the Linux platform. Even when you use RAD Studio for such needs it can be installed on the Windows machine and the process, in general, will be very close to the process of using RAD studio for developing Android apps.

The LLVM-based Linux compiler for server apps became first available in RAD Studio 10.2. in 2017. However, the possibility to develop GUI Linux apps was added only 2 years later in 2019.

You should know that there is such a toolchain as FmxLinux. It used to compile Linux desktop apps with the help of Linux compiler for Delphi developed by Embarcadero (this compiler is also one of the components of RAD Studio that we have mentioned above).

The prefix Fmx in its name shows its connection with such a framework for cross-platform development as Firemonkey. FmxLinux can be applied when you have to either add Linux as one of the platforms available for a Firemonkey app that already exists or to create a fully new app for Linux.

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Linux software development with Delphi tools: advantages and disadvantages

These days Delphi can offer a wide range of benefits for developers who need to build apps for Linux. So, why do they opt for Delphi Linux development?

  • There are a lot of various third-party components available that could help to greatly enhance Linux apps.
  • In case the Firemonkey framework is used, there is a single code base for cross-platform apps as Delphi can offer compilers for native execution on different platforms.
  • Embarcadero regularly introduces updates and improvements for Delphi and RAD Studio which means that the development environment always stays up-to-date.

Earlier the main disadvantage of using Delphi tools for the development of Linux apps was a disability to build GUI applications. Only a possibility to build server applications for Linux was provided. However, this problem does not exist anymore. As we’ve already mentioned, starting with Delphi 10.3.3, desktop GUI apps for Linux can be created as well.

Moreover, another disadvantage of using Delphi is that many options are not free which may increase costs of development.

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