Software Development Services

Software development services is so wide term that we can write a book about this subject and discuss this question hours and hours. Software development services can be divided by domain, technology, development tools, platform, architecture and so on.
At Softacom we provide such software development services:
And such classification can be applied if we are talking about types of the software development services. As for the technological classification we provide:
Yes, at Softacom, we are fluent in Delphi and .NET technologies. This means that if your enterprise software system or application were made with Delphi or .NET and they need enhancement (remediation), migration, re-engineering, or even replacement by a newly created software, you can approach us for these services.
Since migration and enhancement processes frequently go hand in hand with re-building, we help our customers build all main types of enterprise software using the same technologies, i.e. Delphi and .NET.
Of course, in real world we cannot use only two technologies, because you cannot develop ASP.NET web site without JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS3, sometimes you need some extra scripts with PHP and so on. This is why we also provide all additional software development services for developing software using Delphi and .NET.