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  • We conducted a business analysis of the feasibility of modernization for a company specializing in the development of ERP solutions

We conducted a business analysis of the feasibility of modernization for a company specializing in the development of ERP solutions

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Our client is a Swiss company specializing in the development and implementation of ERP solutions for various industries including finance, insurance, and healthcare. The system was built over 13 years ago and relied on complex business logic. There was no up-to-date documentation on its architecture and functionality.

To recover lost information, plan the creation of new app features, and ensure the smooth development of its ERP, the customer was looking for a reliable IT partner with experienced business analysts.

Launching a modernization project without a preliminary business analysis could lead to the following risks:

  • cost overruns;
  • data loss;
  • operational disruption;
  • security vulnerabilities;
  • interoperability issues;
  • disruption of business processes, etc.
Client`s pain and concern

Modernization is a costly project that is associated with a lot of risks and we would like to get a complete picture of the implementation of this project.

We do not have up-to-date documentation on the architecture and functionality of our ERP system.

Project Team size

  • Project manager
  • Business Analyst
  • Developer
Project Team size


With IT consulting, you can better understand whether your project is heading in the right direction. As a result, many serious risks can be avoided.

In the first phase of our work, we deeply analyzed the company’s history, its industry, and its specific objectives. By examining the customer’s goals and aligning our analysis with them, we laid the foundation for a focused and targeted approach.
Then we proceeded to the next stages of the analysis. Our tasks included collection of the necessary data, identification of the key issues, review of the root causes, proposal of solutions, definition of possible risks, and development of an action plan. By following this step-by-step approach, we were able to address the key issues and create actionable strategies that were aligned with the company’s goals. A thorough review of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of the company provided us with valuable insights that helped us make informed decisions.

The business analysis covered the following areas:
Preparation and planning
  • Organization of workshops and setup sessions;
  • Definition of the project approach (specific actions that will lead to the required result);
  • Labor cost estimation;
  • Feasibility analysis and risk assessment.
Requirements and analysis
  • Documentation of business and functional requirements;
  • Validation of the requirements;
  • Creation of an action plan (modernization and development plan);
  • Definition of a scope and priorities;
  • Creation of roadmaps;
  • Estimation of approximate timeline, budget, technology stack, and team composition;
  • Documentation of the BA (SRS)/project proposal in detail.

Based on the results of the analysis, the customer got detailed requirements for the future solution and managed to prioritize them in cooperation with the stakeholders.


  • Used in the project
  • Delphi Delphi
  • Firebird Firebird
  • TMS components TMS components


Thanks to the business analysis, the customer’s development team received clearly defined and prioritized requirements for the future solution.

The customer expressed interest in further cooperation with us on software modernization. The conducted BA significantly accelerated the modernization process, helped to add new features without breaking the existing functionality, and simplified further maintenance of the updated system.

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