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  • We helped our client to integrate ERP system modules and build CRM software using Delphi

We helped our client to integrate ERP system modules and build CRM software using Delphi

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Our client is a healthcare equipment manufacturer. They started using different types of business software more than 20 years ago. Practically all the modules were built by the company’s in-house development team. But each module was built at different times and the modules were not integrated into a single system.

We had the following modules for integration:

  1. Procurement
  2. Inventory management
  3. Warehouse management
  4. Manufacturing
  5. Supply chain management
  6. Costs
  7. Accounting and Finance
  8. Human resources management 

In addition to the ERP module integration task, our client asked us to build a new CRM (Candidate Relationship Management) system for their HR department. They needed new functionality that would cover all the stages of working with candidates, including onboarding. The system was expected to be able to provide access to multiple users at the same time as well as to be synchronized with the email box.

Also, it should be customizable so that the employer and HR specialists would be able to adjust it to the legislation system changes.

Moreover, the COVID-19 pandemic has greatly influenced the processes related to hiring and onboarding. And the development team also had to take this factor into account.

Client`s pain and concern

Our employees have to input the same data into each module of the software we use. This leads to continuous data-entry errors. That’s why we want to integrate the modules into a single system to make it possible to use the information across all modules once the information is added to the system for the first time.

To use the results of calculations our employees have to export a file from one module and then import it to another module for further processing. It is very inconvenient and inefficient. This situation should be improved.
Also, we would like to update the UI design of some modules and add new functionality, including a corporate chat, email integration, and user roles.

Project Team size

  • Project manager
  • 2 Backend developers
  • Front-end developer
  • UI/UX designer
Project Team size


When the client understood that their previously used CRM software didn’t perform a set of functions and couldn’t process the necessary volumes of data fast, they started considering a variant of buying a ready-to-use solution, especially given the fact that vendors usually promise seamless integration with all other apps. However, after analyzing all pros and cons, they decided to build their own system as only such software can offer full freedom in customization and scaling.

The main challenge for the development team was not to build a CRM platform but to efficiently integrate it into the enterprise software system that our client had. As all the major modules were built with Delphi, this technology was chosen for a new CRM system as well.

The core functionality that was developed for this solution:

Applicant tracking

Candidate source tracking

Contact management

Document management

Email management

Workflow automation

Advanced reporting

Communication tracking

Notifications (about new applications, interview reminders, etc.)

We also updated the design of the user interface based on the wishes of the customer and integrated all the modules of an Enterprise resource planning (ERP) system to make it possible to use the information that was added to one module within the whole system.


  • used in the project
  • Object Pascal Object Pascal
  • RAD Studio 10.4 RAD Studio 10.4
  • Firebird 2.5 Firebird 2.5
  • DevExpress VCL DevExpress VCL


As a result, the information entered in one module of the system became available in other modules thanks to the system integration performed.

Our client got a feature-rich HR management system that was integrated with the ERP system.

The company can avoid a great part of the paperwork that previously was performed manually and can significantly streamline many processes.

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