We integrated ERP software for a global media company

Media and Telecommunications

Data migration
System integration

We don’t have any options for monthly subscriptions which greatly restricts the audience of our potential clients.

We’d like to integrate a corporate ERP system to allow our users to make payments for our services once a month not only on an annual basis as it was offered earlier.

months for realization
Over 100 000
code lines
Project manager
Business analyst
QA engineer
2 Developers
Programming languages
C#, Java Script
Visual Studio
Microsoft SQL Server
ASP.NET, Vue.js
ReactJS, jQuery library
3rd party services
Keycloak, Tableau

In the framework of this project, we worked with a company that offers media products and IP television services to clients from all over the world. When a client base is expanding, business processes typically go through serious changes. The same happened with the business of our customer.
When the client number reached a new level, the company took a decision to upgrade its business model and provide new opportunities to people who are interested in using its services. And one of the most serious changes was the introduction of monthly payments (earlier it was possible to make payments only on an annual basis).
To introduce such upgrades it was necessary to transform the existing business processes.
The company turned to us for a consultation. It was necessary to find a solution that would allow the media company to quickly adapt its operations to the market needs that regularly change. After we considered the situation, it became obvious that the company would need a corporate ERP system to organize all its business processes.
Our team had a task to integrate an ERP system based on the requirements of the company and its future plans for business expansion.


We analyzed the existing business processes and elaborated an ERP system integration plan given all the peculiarities of the company’s activities.
When we started to migrate data to a new system, it turned out that the number of system users was higher than we supposed before the start of the project realization. Such unexpected numbers caused some challenges for us and we needed to quickly find a way out.
Our team also had a task to conduct the integration of the ERP software with all the required services. We needed to make sure that all business processes, including but not limited to inventory management, legal processes, and financial transactions, worked smoothly as they were supposed to.
We closely cooperated with the customer’s IT team which allowed us to seamlessly fulfill all the set tasks. We made all the integrations, created and implemented all the necessary modules of the ERP system.
Thanks to the joint efforts of two teams, we managed to provide a scalable solution that is fully compatible with all the required external and internal services. The system has excellent reporting and analytics features that significantly facilitate a lot of tasks for the client’s team.


The integrated system is easy to maintain and support.

After our customer implemented new business processes, more than one thousand of their new clients tested a new subscription model that presupposes monthly payments.

The media company succeeded in increasing its revenues and enhancing client satisfaction and started to explore new market opportunities.

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