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  • We developed a hardware-software complex for the safeguarding of security at the art center

We developed a hardware-software complex for the safeguarding of security at the art center

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Our client was a Music academy. It is a multidisciplinary art center that has been welcoming performers and visitors for more than 100 years. It offers globally known theater, dancing, and music programs, operas, films, and much more on its unique dynamic platforms. As its events traditionally attract hundreds of people, one of the top priorities for the academy is to create a secure and hospitable environment for both its guests and employees. And this environment requires a reliable and uninterrupted security system.
That’s why this organization contacted with a request to build and implement a security system.

Client`s pain and concern

At our events, there are hundreds of visitors. That’s why we need to ensure a safe and hospitable environment for both guests and employees. We need to have a reliable and uninterrupted security system.

Project Team size

  • Project manager
  • 2 Delphi developers
  • Business analyst
Project Team size


The integrated security system consists of two main parts:

  • Custom software
  • Custom hardware

At the time of driver app implementation, we managed to implement the protocol only with the help of the ready protocol project without real equipment as the vendor’s team was working on the protocol implementation on their side.

For inner use, we developed an emulation of the vendor’s hardware and software parts for conducting testing procedures.

At the business analysis stage, together with the vendor, we prepared a list of available events, states of equipment/devices, and commands. We matched the available events and commands with API.

In order to ensure the highest performance, as an app template, we chose a native Windows app based on Delphi-related technologies. It works without additional frameworks and does not need any execution environments, like .NET Framework or JRE (Java Runtime Environment).

A powerful software that ensures excellent flexibility for all access apps is the base of the developed system. This system also has numerous connections, different apps, powerful controller settings, several configurations of readers, several door controllers, a customizable security mode, alarm monitoring, elevator management, event recording, software, several workstations, web server support, customizable remote access port, enhanced system user control, floor plan, database system, software user level control, visitor management.



  • used in the project
  • Delphi Delphi
  • Firebird 2.x Firebird 2.x
  • DevExpress DevExpress


The development of the security system allowed to ensure a higher level of people and property safety.

Thanks to the integration of a security system, employees who work in the building can spend less time on different administrative tasks. As a result, they can focus more on communication with visitors and providing assistance to them.

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