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  • We developed a hardware-software electronic queue system for a bank

We developed a hardware-software electronic queue system for a bank

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    Banking | Finance

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Banks try to attract clients by offering them not only high-quality banking services but also a pleasant atmosphere at their branches. The goal of our customer was to ensure the highest level of comfort for their visitors and to enrich the efficiency of interaction between the bank workers.
The client asked us to develop a system for queue management with a view to optimizing and organizing the visitor flow and facilitating the process of providing services.

Client`s pain and concern

Our clients often complain about tiresome waiting in a queue.
We want to improve the quality of customer service.

We’d like to get data about the visitors of our bank offices to make our work better.

Project Team size

  • 2 Delphi developers
  • Project manager
  • QA specialist
Project Team size


The system of electronic queue management is an integrated hardware-software solution that allows optimizing the visitor flow management.

In accordance with the requirements of the client, we developed an electronic queue system with the following hardware components:

  • a terminal that allows a visitor to choose the necessary services and get a ticket with a number;
  • a general information board that shows all clients’ numbers and that helps to track a current state of an electronic queue;
  • an operator’s board that shows a number of the client who is called to this bank specialist;
  • a console for calling visitors – an app that has to be installed on the operator’s computer.

The system has the following functionality:

Adding/deleting services;

Using an app, employees can manage the list of the services that are provided by the bank at some particular hours;

Notification of clients when they are called by the operator;

When it is a turn of a new client, the device voices the ticket number and the number of a specialist who will work with this client. It allows attracting additional attention of a client and prevents him/her from missing his/her turn.

There is a possibility to place information content. It is possible to place media and ad videos on the information board (LCD monitor) that is generally used for showing the ongoing queue state;

Ticket printing;

Using a sensor terminal, a visitor chooses a necessary service and gets a ticket with a relevant number. Based on a set algorithm, a system will call a visitor to the particular teller window in a set order.

Analytical reports;

Queue system reports allow analyzing the work of staff, clients’ demand for services, etc.;

Making scheduled appointments with specialists.

To make an appointment with a bank specialist, clients should use the bank’s website. They can find an appropriate time and data and get a mobile ticket in a message that is sent as an SMS to the phone number indicated at the time of signing up or to the email that was used for signing up.

The role of the system:

  • For clients:
    • Though a queue management system can’t help visitors to avoid waiting, it makes this time more pleasant ad comfortable. When a person has a ticket with a number, he/she can sit and relax, waiting for his/her turn, reading, or just having some rest. A client doesn’t need to stand in a line at one of the bank teller windows, the system will direct him/her to it.
    •  If a client needs to make an appointment in advance, there is such a possibility. It can be done at the bank office or online.
  • For the bank:
    • The system allows efficiently planning the work of the staff given the number of visitors at the branch. 
    • Statistical data that is gathered and analyzed by the system allows the management to estimate the load of the staff and their productivity.
    • The reports of the queue management system allow analyzing the efficiency of the bank’s functioning and the demand for services among clients.


  • used in the project
  • Object Pascal Object Pascal
  • RADStudio 10.2 RADStudio 10.2
  • Firebird Firebird
  • Windows Windows


As a result of the electronic queue implementation, our client can track, plan and manage the entire process of the client’s visit: from the moment of his/her arrival to getting the necessary services.

An electronic queue helped the bank to improve the process of providing services to the clients.

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