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  • We've developed a modern CRM system for a toy seller

We've developed a modern CRM system for a toy seller

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Our client sells different types of toys for children. As the number of clients was continuously growing, there appeared a necessity to develop a custom CRM system for business process automation.

The company contacted us with a request to build a solution for managing a client database and a history of interactions with clients, planning work, managing notifications, and actions, evaluating managers’ work, and reducing expenses on marketing efforts.

Client`s pain and concern

Our employees spend a lot of time on manual paperwork instead of working with clients’ requests that’s why we want to automate these processes. Also, we’d like to reduce our expenditure on marketing.

Project Team size

  • Project manager
  • 4 Delphi developers
  • QA engineer
  • UX/UI designer
  • Business analyst
Project Team size


After analyzing a huge number of CRMs that are being used at enterprises of different types today, we created a list of system functions that are comprehensive and included these features in our project.

Lead management

Lead generation is task number one for every seller. The system helps to get data about leads from multiple sources, including social networks, phone calls, online platforms, and comments. This function allows users not to lose even a single lead and to use leads in a proper manner. Moreover, it helps to monitor how leads are moving through all the stages of a sale cycle.

Contact management

It is one of the key functions of each CRM system. This function ensures the recording and storing of all the names of the company’s clients, their contact numbers, addresses, links to their social media accounts, etc. All the data are kept in a database with a convenient search.

Email management

We integrated the Gmail service with the developed CRM system. As a result, we have a powerful tool for tracking email history, automated email sending as well as executing various email campaigns.

Analytics and reporting

All key business functions that are supported by the CRM require good analytics and reporting. Good software ensures accurate reports that show the ongoing situation at the company in accordance with different parameters. You can use analytical data for making decisions and business planning.

Marketing management

This function of the CRM system covers a wide range of tasks, including marketing resource management, content marketing, social media marketing automation, optimization of online campaigns, etc. With the help of this tool, our client will be able to significantly reduce expenses on marketing efforts.

Sales pipeline management

This function is intended for visualizing the entire sales cycle. It helps to sort deals and perform various actions (for example, sending emails) depending on different parameters.

Automation of business processes

By using this function, our client can create business processes in accordance with special rules and logic for facilitating and automating routine tasks. The system will also send notifications and reminders if users need to perform any actions manually.

Document management

Creation, editing, and common use of files are possible directly from the CRM system. The system keeps all versions of each document and lets set different access rights to different files.


  • used in the project
  • Delphi Delphi
  • SQL Server 2017 SQL Server 2017


As a result of our work, our client managed to increase the efficiency of their client service which led to an increase in check averages.

They also managed to reduce their expenses thanks to automating marketing processes.

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