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  • We helped our client migrate 5 websites to another technology (from Delphi to ASP.NET Core)

We helped our client migrate 5 websites to another technology (from Delphi to ASP.NET Core)

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Our client was a company developing ERP systems for transportation and related industries. When this company turned to us, its software that was created for logistics firms providing sea transportation services was outdated. It consisted of two parts: a desktop part, which was used by logistics professionals, and a web part for customers of these logistics companies.
The client developed more than 5 websites with Delphi using the IntraWeb technology. Logistics companies relied on them to communicate with users of their services. The existing websites were not compatible with modern browsers and could only work in Internet Explorer. This made it impossible for many users to access the web pages.
The client’s in-house team had already started the migration of their software from Delphi to ASP.NET Core. However, given the scope of work and deadlines, their inner resources were not sufficient for this project. That’s why they needed the help of outsourced specialists.

Client`s pain and concern

The existing websites did not meet up-to-date user interface standards and were incompatible with some modern browsers and technologies. As a result, a lot of our customers were unable to access these websites.

Some components are no longer supported, and the maintenance of the sites has become increasingly expensive.

Project Team size

  • 2 Front-end .NET developers
  • 2 Backend .NET Developers
  • Senior BA specialist
  • UI/UX designer
  • Middle QA specialist
Project Team size


Despite the fact that all sites were similar to each other, they all had individual settings. It means that each site required an individual approach and detailed analysis.
In the course of our work in cooperation with the customer’s team, we decided to move the web parts to the cloud in order to ensure better performance of the sites and improve user experience.

As a result, we migrated and modernized 5 sites, and introduced the necessary UI/UX improvements and updates to make the sites look and feel modern.


  • Used in the project
  • ASP.NET Core ASP.NET Core
  • Microsoft Azure Microsoft Azure
  • Delphi Delphi
  • RAD Studio 10.4 RAD Studio 10.4
  • MS SQL Server MS SQL Server
  • IntraWeb IntraWeb


At the end of our work, we received positive feedback from the customer.

The company also shared with us the results of the internal research which demonstrated that the modernization of the websites led to a significant increase in user satisfaction.

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