Desktop CRM system


Development of desktop CRM software.

The purpose of the software is clients database maintaining, history of actions on client maintaining, work planning, assigning tasks for employees and management of its fulfillment using Gantt chart, reminder and action management, managers job assessment. Defense of the companies database from stealing and getting to business rivals.

Kernel functionality of the software:

  • Creating a customer base;
  • History of employees actions on clients;
  • Scheduling of work;
  • Monitoring implementation of the tasks;
  • Setting of reminders;
  • Formation of daily, monthly reports on the work of employees;
  • Attaching documents to tasks;
  • Notification about new tasks.
  • Architecture design;
  • Developing business logic;
  • Project Management;
Duration & Project Scope:
More than 2500 man-hours
Technologies & Environment:
Delphi logo C# logo SQL Server logo WinForms logo WPF logo
Project Code:
Desktop CRM system