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We like Delphi. We believe in Delphi. We bid on Delphi.

These 3 phrases describe our position towards  Delphi development. We can say that we are Delphi evangelists, and that’s not just words. As we also view our task in popularizing Delphi, we regularly hold  webinars on Delphi development related topics, participate in conferences and other events and even encourage  young people to select Delphi development as their future career.

You can ask a reasonable question: How can all these our activities help you with your software, with your pain and your requests, with your Delphi development process? Our answer is simple: we are serious about what we are doing  and we are here to stay for a long time. That’s why you can be sure that we are ready to take responsibility and to work with your software written in Delphi for many years. Our priority is to build long-term cooperation with you and to ensure that your Delphi solutions remain efficient and relevant. 

Today Delphi (including C++ Builder and entire product — RAD Studio) is an up-to-date development tool (at the moment of editing this page, the current Delphi version is 10.3.2 Rio) for building  modern and trendy software of any type - from financial services to hardware systems, from Windows Store apps to multi-tier web solutions. We have our own list of arguments to explain why you should  use Delphi and why it’s the best development tool for Windows development. And these arguments can help us to win any dispute with Delphi-haters.

If you have any Delphi legacy software (e.g. Delphi 5, Delphi 7 and so on), do not rush to get rid of it! Let’s together migrate it to up-to-date Delphi and RAD Studio versions. We can cover all your Delphi development related issues.

Why Delphi? - We prepared a short video with 3 simple questions to Softacom’s CEO - Serge Pilko, you can check out this funny video on Softacom’s official YouTube channel or just follow the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uYXkmU3MWmQ

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Delphi for Windows desktop development

Delphi is one of the best tools for developing native Windows (Win32/Win64) applications, including Windows 10 and all its features. You can develop native Windows software using VCL framework (Visual Component Library) or FMX framework - analogue of VCL for cross-platform Delphi development. Moreover, it is possible to use it for developing applications for macOS and Linux as well.

That can sound strange, but you can even develop Electron cross-platform applications using Delphi! Yes, that’s possible!  You can use TMS Web Core product offered by TMS Software company as well as Delphi IDE and Object Pascal for developing Electron JavaScript applications.

Component-based development

Delphi is a component-based development tool. It means that you already have thousands of ready to use bricks for your code and UI, which you can drag and drop to your software application form and, as a result, save your development hours.


You can easily integrate your Delphi software with any other 3rd-party services or APIs. Different vendors provide integration components to Salesforce, Mailchimp, Twilio, Amazon, Azure, etc.. You can also develop your own Delphi and Salesforce integration modules.

What our Delphi development team can offer you:


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  • You can get an answer to a question - Why do we popularize Delphi and how did our CEO become an Embarcadero MVP? Find it out from the short interview with Serge Pilko.
  • In order to attract new employees and popularize Delphi technology among young professionals, Softacom took part in the “Open Vacancies” forum held by the Belarus Hi-Tech Park.
  • See the testimonials of our happy clients:
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