Delphi Software Modernization

We modernize any type of software built with any version of Delphi

Software Modernization Services We Provide

When you are not satisfied with the functionality of your software or believe that your application doesn’t have an important feature that is demanded by its users, we can help you to enhance your software.

In the case of functionality enhancement, deep tech modernization usually is not required. Feature enhancement services include making the required changes and improving the functionality of the app that has been already released.

The functionality can be not only upgraded or updated, it can be also added or removed if you believe that it brings no value to users.

The process of legacy software enhancement always starts with an audit of the existing app, analysis of its architecture and code. As our team often works with the products created by other developers, this step is crucial for us. The next stages include the design and development of new features, their modification or removal.

To make sure that the enhanced solution fully meets the set requirements and that the introduced updates haven’t influenced the work of other components, we pay special attention to software testing.
We provide all types of software migration:
  • Migration to the latest version of Delphi;
  • Migration from Desktop to Web (replatforming);
  • Migration from Delphi to c# |.NET;
  • Cloud migration;
  • Data migration;
  • Business logic migration;
Usually software migration is cheaper than reengineering but more expensive than functionality enhancement.

Cases in which app migration can give you the highest ROI:
  • Adding support of the latest version of operating systems (Windows 10);
  • Lack of specialists to support the legacy programming language;
  • Your deployment platform cannot handle the increasing workload.
At Softacom, over the years of providing software migration services, we have managed to develop our own, highly-efficient working process. It allows us to migrate your software in the most feasible way to save your time and money. Contact us to discuss if migration would be the right choice for you
Software re-engineering is the process of rebuilding software in a new form. The most typical reasons for software reengineering are:
  • Significant modifications of the technologies your software is built with;
  • The necessity to perform software migration;
  • Dissatisfaction with software functionality;
  • Introduction of changes in business processes;
  • others.
The main goals of the reengineering are:
  • Software performance and workload optimization;
  • Establishing regulatory compliance;
  • Software support costs reduction;
  • Ensure hardware and software compatibility;
  • others.
Our software reengineering and migration capabilities include:
  • Conducting business analysis;
  • Creating software architecture;
  • Source code migration;
  • UX/UI design.
Delivering an enhanced user experience (UX) and contemporary user interfaces (UI) in mobile apps, desktop and web applications has become a key priority for businesses that want to succeed in the digital age. At Softacom we modernize UX/UI of legacy applications built with early versions of Delphi.

Rules to reduce UX/UI modernization risks
  • Don’t migrate in one shot. Continuous development is much safety.
  • Try to combine VCL and FMX. Don’t try to migrate all forms together.
  • Try to apply Delphi styles before global UX modernization.
  • Do not perform UX/UI modernization just because you want “to do something with your software”.
UI modernization of existing business software is the strategic differentiator to ensure customer delight. Through seamless UX and contemporary UI it is easier to enhance competitive advantages, get higher user retention and improve business growth. If you need to improve your Delphi system UI/ UX, we’ll help you to avoid pitfalls and reduce risks of UI & UX modernization.
When you need to adopt a new software solution or business process, it is possible that you can face some of the numerous challenges related to the implementation of a new application into the already existing system. With the right approach to system integration, slowdowns or downtimes that can happen during this process will be prevented.

At Softacom, we can help you to deal with all the possible issues. Our experts use the best networking practices for integrating custom-built and third-party solutions and ensuring seamless communications between different business platforms.

We have rich expertise in integrating CMS, ERP, CRM solutions, accounting, business intelligence, analytics, reporting and other tools.

Before setting down to work, we will deeply analyze the existing software infrastructure, ways of interaction between different business platforms as well as the type of data exchange between them. After that, together with you we will come to a conclusion, whether the existing system architecture will be left as it is or it is required to update it in parallel to new app implementation. Our developers successfully work with all types of software and we can efficiently support you at any stage of your digital transformation journey.
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