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  • We developed a PWA for a POS system for a chain of plumbing stores

We developed a PWA for a POS system for a chain of plumbing stores

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Our customer was a Danish chain of plumbing stores. The company contacted us with a request to develop a PWA for their POS system in accordance with their needs.

Client`s pain and concern

Right now, we partially use Excel for performing and tracking various sales activities, which complicates the entire workflow.

We would like to offer our employees the possibility to handle sales-related tasks, including customer service, merchandising, inventory management, etc. through the application.

Project Team size

  • .NET Developer
  • Angular Developer
  • Business Analyst
  • Project Manager
  • QA
  • Performance Test Engineer
Project Team size


After gathering the requirements, our team started developing a VVSE application to handle various tasks related to sales, customer service, merchandising, inventory management, and others.
We built an application with the following structure and functionality:

Virtual machine (hosting)
  • C#, TypeScript (JS), .Net Core 3.1, .Net Standard 2.1, PWA, Angular 11 
  • MongoDB 5 
  • Backend: AutoMapper, Coravel, JwtBearer, MongoDB.Driver Frontend: Bootstrap 5, html2canvas, rxjs 
  • Windows app, ready to be cross-platformed 
  • The monolithic main application with Microservices 
  • Architecture of the application, development of the product, testing, deployment and support. 
  • Notification service 
  • Сircular service 
  • Logger service
Business Central
POS system specification
  • PWA application 
  • Database – IndexedDb 
  • Hardware Handler application (for work with a scanner, a printer, and a payment terminal)

The design of the application is simple and user-friendly. Buttons are big enough to click on both with the mouse and on the touchscreen. The most used buttons are placed on the right. VVSE has the same style: the same fonts, buttons, and color scheme. The responsive design of the application ensures its comfortable use on screens with different resolutions. VVSE supports a classic desktop style of interaction, mainly on 15,6" (format 4:3) and 17" (format 5:4) resolutions.

We also conducted a stress test at the client’s request. It was aimed at achieving the following objectives: 

  • to get information on the simultaneous number of users and their distribution; 
  • to detect errors; 
  • to determine a response time with different system loads; 
  • to define the bottlenecks of the system average and maximum simultaneous requests per second.


  • Used in the project
  • C# C#
  • .NET .NET
  • Angular Angular


As a result of our work, the customer got a PWA that can help employees perform various tasks related to sales, customer service, merchandising, inventory management, etc.

We continue our cooperation, gradually enhancing the solution and adding new functionality.

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