Delphi desktop software

We leverage the latest versions of Delphi and RAD studio to create custom desktop applications for various industries across such platforms as Windows, Mac OS and Linux

Desktop software development services

Custom desktop applications

We design and develop custom desktop software for major platforms such as Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac OS. Our in-house full stack desktop development team comprises Delphi developers, analysts, architects, UX/UI designers and Quality assurance specialists.

UX/UI design

Well designed UX not only increases employee productivity and generates high customers loyalty, but also helps to reduce desktop software development costs. At Softacom we know how to design user-centered desktop software adopting both desktop traditional and modern web UIs.

Client-server desktop applications development

Client-server architecture allows creating desktop applications serving specific business processes in a very short time. Other reasons may be a need to centralize data processing, optimize computing resources or maintenance costs. Our team will design and develop a custom client-server solution tailored to your company’s needs and limitations.

Desktop systems integration

Using different IT components for different tasks is a common practice. But as your company grows it may become overwhelmed by lots of disjointed tools that can’t share data and work together. We make desktop software and applications that were built in their own right work together.

API development for desktop software

Tired of error-prone manual workflows or need a closer connection with your customers or partners? API (Application Programming Interface) allows applications to exchange data and work flawlessly as a single system. We develop custom API solutions for your enterprise desktop systems to seamlessly connect your clients and partners.

Desktop applications modernization

Do you feel like your desktop application is outdated, restricts the company’s productivity and no longer supports your clients’ needs? We modernize old enterprise desktop applications built with any version of Delphi. Adding new feature support or increasing desktop software performance is easier than you think.

Desktop to web or cloud migration

You may have many reasons to move your desktop software to web or cloud. Reducing maintenance costs, ensuring data accessibility from any device or unsatisfactory scalability are among them. At Softacom we can help move your desktop application to cloud or web safety and fast.

Technologies we use to build desktop applications

Powerful, Full-Featured, beautiful and intuitive user interfaces with award-winning and cross-platform frameworks
RAD Studio
C++ builder
Inter Base
RAD server

Desktop applications advantages

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